Expecting over 30 project pitches at the summit

We are thrilled to share that we received over 60 applications through our exclusive Mobility Hub, featuring innovative projects from 18 countries across sectors such as Micro Mobility, Urban Transport, EVs, Battery Technology, Charging Infrastructure, and more.

In collaboration with our partner, AP3 Advisory, we have shortlisted over 30 projects to present and pitch to a targeted audience of investors, with a total investment pipeline exceeding $150 million.

Our dynamic program fosters an environment for:

  • Project Owners: Early-stage startups, SMEs, and infrastructure projects pitching to investors, mentors, and collaborators.
  • Industry Leaders: Policymakers, public transport operators, and tech giants seeking solutions and partnerships.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The Mobility Investment Projects Hub and Mobility Investment Village foster connections and innovation.
  • African-Led Solutions: Supporting African entrepreneurs, CEOs, & entrepreneurs tackling city challenges with electric vehicles, AI-driven transport optimisation, and sustainable mobility.



Lessons for entrepreneurs with TOOLS on HOW to SCALE their business…FAST!

In his speech ``Building High Growth Scale-Ups in Africa,`` Vusi Thembekwayo, a key figure in African entrepreneurship, emphasised the importance of startups aiming for high growth and significant impact.

Key takeways:

  • Startups are powerful tools for solving problems and achieving large-scale positive change.
  • Focus on scalability and building strong relationships with potential funders.
  • Don't let funding limitations hinder progress; leverage networks and reputation to secure capital.
  • Policymakers should create a regulatory framework that fosters the growth of high-impact startups in Africa.


The Mobility Pitch Stage provides an exceptional opportunity for you to present your project to an attentive audience of investors, funders, government, and corporate representatives eager to delve deeper into your ideas and vision.

  • Identify investors and commercial partners who genuinely support and nurture your entrepreneurial vision.
  • Receive invaluable insights and constructive feedback on your solutions.
  • Unveil your business in a conducive and dynamic atmosphere in a 5-minute pitch.


Smarter Mobility Africa offers a FREE online directory showcasing smarter mobility projects in Africa, enabling global funders, commercial companies and investors to access data and pitch decks for faster connections and investments in critical projects improving how we move people and goods.

  • Discover a spectrum of projects spanning startups to national ventures.
  • Navigate through all stages from pre-feasibility to implementation.
  • Get first hand on impactful and profitable projects in need of financial support.


Join the Premier Platform for African Mobility Innovators at the Mobility Investment Village 2024.

In its 6th year, what was the Startup Village is expanding and evolving into the Mobility Investment Village, the ultimate platform for showcasing mobility innovations in Africa.
This year, we're excited to open our doors to startups, SMEs, medium and large projects, and national endeavours looking to present their innovations to the world.

If your company offers a mobility solution in Africa, the Mobility Investment Village is the perfect opportunity for you to gain access to over 2,000 attendees, including industry leaders, potential investors, and key stakeholders from across Africa and beyond. This is your chance to elevate your visibility and secure the funding you need to get your project to the next level.

Are you a startup?

We are offering a limited number of complimentary Mobility Investment Village packages for eligible startups that qualify.

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