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What is Women In Energy?

The Women In Energy brand brings together a group of female experts in the power and energy sector from around the world. They share their experiences and use their personal stories to motivate and inspire each other in a male-dominated industry.

Their expertise showcases how women are making progress, despite challenges not of their own making. The personal element they bring to the Women In Energy brand through WIE events and gatherings in May at Enlit Africa creates a sense of relatability and strengthens the bonds of sisterhood among capable women from Africa and the world. They strive to promote a fair energy transition by lifting each other up and rising together.

A true celebration of strength and success
WIE Rise Together.

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Women In Energy Digital Campaign

The Women In Energy digital campaign is a powerful movement that brings together women from various backgrounds in the power and energy sector. These women share their personal experiences and offer insights into the industry, using their stories to inspire and shed light on important topics. They also showcase their successful projects, highlighting their career paths and achievements in a predominantly male industry.


Why do you believe in Africa’s energy sector? Africa is faced with energy poverty. Lack of energy affects the economic growth and development of Africa. It is therefore important to ensure that the catalyst for economic growth in the continent is unlocked.

Elizabeth Marabwa Chief Director,
Department of Mineral Resources and Energy , South Africa

What is your advice for women who say they struggle to make themselves heard in the workplace?
Always be confident in ourselves, the world will follow us.

Mrs. Laura Giovannini Deputy Director
Enel Foundation, Italy

Why do you believe in Africa’s energy sector? Africa is rich in natural resources and that should give it platform to lead the energy sector globally. African Women need to benefit economically as end users and participants in the energy value chain to eliminate energy poverty that affect women most.

Mrs. Winnie Mamatsharaga Deputy Director, Gender Mainstreaming and Transformation 

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, South Africa

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