Driven by data, proven by analytics
Connecting organisations with African Industry Professionals

Vuka Group has an African-centric vision to bring people and organisations together and connect them through curated digital and in-person environments. We offer a range of touch points, including:

  • In-person events: exhibitions, conferences and summits
  • Digital events, webinars
  • News media
  • Resource media
  • Research materials

Connecting Industry Leaders, Creating Partnerships

Connecting African
Industry Professionals

Allowing organisations to research, learn, build campaigns and invest with confidence through qualified decision making when operating in the challenging emerging markets of Africa.

Intelligence from our multiple channels into the markets of Africa allows us to serve our industry verticals with efficiency and professionally, delivering greater rewards for our clients.

Driven by data, proven by analytics.

Our Sectors
Access Trusted Partnerships
and Connections Built over
Decades in the Industry

VUKA Group has been a trusted source of information in key African markets for many years. We manage industry leading publications and award winning media assets.

About Us
Experience The Connection

With a commitment to data at the core of our business and a promise to deliver market relevant content and business connections, VUKA Group has a unique proposition for organisations looking toward Africa or already active in South Africa. With the 20 yrs of history we have in producing media and events across the continent, we have relationships and networks across the content that are so vital to getting business done.

As our organistion evolves to become a connector across in-person and digital platforms we aim to provide our customers a comprehensive campaign programme, influenced and reported by analytics and driven by data.

We are evolving and it is an exciting time to be doing business in Africa.

Our Methodology

How do we drive results for the
communities that we work with?


We establish through an onboarding process what challenges our clients are facing, what is the message they want to share to the market. We want to understand how the company wants to be positioned and its communication style, often influenced by deep cultural diversity across Africa.

Set Goals

We work closely with our customers. We want to know their business objectives for Africa so we can tailor a market-facing solution that is comprehensive and active across multiple channels.

Ensure Campaign

Using our extensive range of in-person and digital engagement channels we can ensure a campaign that reaches the sector and drives engagement for the customer and the market eco-system.

Project Teams

Our approach means being close to market and in-touch with industry. Our project teams invest time in direct communication with people and companies to be aware of market activities and developments. Our project teams are expert connectors of industry professionals, matching a clients objectives to outcomes.

Join our network

VUKA is the trusted media partner to key professionals, policy makers, suppliers and manufacturers. We provide unparalleled opportunities for industry-wide connection.

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