We are committed to connecting people and organisations to information and each other across exceptional in-person meetings and immersive digital experiences. Join an exclusive cohort of industry professionals discussing the topics that matter most in your industry.

  • Meet monthly online and continue the conversation, network and ask questions to a qualified group.
  • The groups are limited to 100 attendees, apply to join today.
  • The industry groups are collaborative to provide real solutions to real industry problems.

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Your Peer Group Opportunity How do Dialogues work, and what's in it for me?

Have you ever attended a conference session and thought the content and discussion was exceptional and wished it could continue? Dialogues are launched to achieve this aim, to keep the conversation moving amongst like-minded industry players.

Dialogues are your opportunity to connect with your industry peer group, share ideas, challenges, solutions and opportunties. The objective it to keep the conversation going and industry players connected. There are some rules of engagement that are important to be followed.

Apply to join by completing the form, and the VUKA Energy team will review your credentials, and they will let you know if you make the team. Dialogues happen monthly and you will recieve a series of calendar invites to your inbox. The meetings happen online and occasionally in-person across the year. We want an online engaged cohort of maximum 100 industry leaders in each session, and be aware, if you miss two consecutive Dialogues you will be benched with a colleague joining the team for the next session.

The Dialogues range in topic and focus. They promote engagement and collaboration. They are outcome orientated with a chair-person in position to keep the conversation moving.

  1. Identify a Dialogue That You Want to Join
  2. Complete the Application Form and the Host Will Review Your Credentials and Approve to Join the Dialogue.
  3. You'll Receive a Series of Calendar Invitations to Your Inbox, with Links to Join Online. Miss Two Consecutive Dialogues and You will be Benched
  4. Let us Activate Your Campaign

About Enlit AfricaGain Unparalleled Access to African Opportunities

What Is Enlit Africa?

Enlit Africa is where the most influential energy companies come together to drive opportunity. The conference is widely regarded as the critical business event of the year. This is where the 'who's who' of the sector gather to exchange new ideas and form business relationships that fuel innovation and opportunity. Our event brings together the entire value chain across:

  • Power
  • Energy
  • Water

We Power Your Interactions

“We power your interactions“ is more than just a tagline - it's our promise to you. Our structured event is designed to open up conversations, create opportunities, and shape the future. Our team is dedicated to achieving your mission, ensuring that you walk away inspired and equipped with the tools to take the next big step in Africa's energy transition.

We're committed to helping you connect with the right people, so that you can expand your network and achieve your business objectives. At Enlit Africa, we're more than just an event - we're a catalyst for growth and progress.

It’s inspiring to see solutions for a renewable future at Enlit Africa

Mathew Streatfield
Energy Efficiency Consultant
Here Today

Featured event
Webinar, May 28, 2024On Demand: A webinar about mobility shaping the new Urban era in Africa

Cities across Africa are experiencing rapid growth on all fronts – population, infrastructure, energy supply, and transport. It’s an exciting time to live in Africa! However, this rapid growth comes with many challenges and opportunities, particularly around how we move people and goods.

Download: The Fundamentals of Battery
Energy Storage for Beginners

The guide has been created as a practical guide for anyone considering installing
an energy storage system.

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