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Freetown Cable Car – Eastern Route


Sierra Leone


Transport & Logistics


Technical Feasibility Study

Freetown, in collaboration with the C40 Cities Finance Facility, is embarking on a game-changing cable car mass transit network. This innovative project, spanning 3.6km with four stations, aims to serve 6,000 passengers per hour, connecting underprivileged hillside communities to the central business district. Targeting the city’s congestion and informal transport issues, the cable car promises quick, safe, and affordable transit.

Designed for minimal disruption, the project will create 2,200 short-term jobs during construction and 70 long-term positions, contributing to economic growth. Beyond addressing immediate transit challenges, the cable car network targets Freetown’s environmental concerns, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 31% and combatting air pollution, improving public health.

This initiative positions Freetown as a leader in green, inclusive transport solutions in West Africa, with plans for expansion after a successful pilot. The cable car project reflects Freetown’s commitment to sustainable urban development, economic empowerment, and citizen well-being.

Investment Needs

$50 000 000+

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:


Why Investing

Economic Transformation
Investing in this innovative cable car project offers a unique opportunity to catalyze a positive transformation in Freetown's economy. By connecting underprivileged hillside communities to the central business district, the project addresses socio-economic imbalances and provides residents with improved access to employment opportunities and essential services. Additionally, the commitment to reducing the city's carbon footprint and enhancing air quality aligns with sustainable development goals, making it a socially responsible investment.
Pioneer in Sub-Saharan Africa's Mass Transit
This project has the potential to make history as the first mass transit cable car system in sub-Saharan Africa. By being a trailblazer in this transportation innovation, investors can participate in shaping the future of urban mobility on the continent. The success of this initiative is likely to set a precedent for similar projects across the region, positioning investors at the forefront of a burgeoning market for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.
Strong Business Case for Investment Returns
The cable car project is not just a socially impactful endeavor; it also presents a compelling business case for investors. With careful planning, a strategic route connecting key areas, and the potential to serve thousands of passengers, the project is positioned to generate a substantial return on investment. As urbanization and transportation needs continue to grow, investing in a forward-thinking, efficient transit solution is not only financially prudent but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of Freetown's transport infrastructure
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