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Welcome to Mazi, where we’ve pioneered an in-house Battery as a Service (BaaS) solution that transforms the landscape of the e-mobility sector. Our innovative platform empowers companies within the e-mobility industry to seamlessly integrate and leverage our infrastructure for efficient battery management.
At Mazi, we recognize the challenges many e-mobility companies face when aspiring to embark on their journey profitably. After two years of dedicated research and development, we are excited to showcase our BaaS solution to the world. It serves as a shining example for e-mobility companies, demonstrating how they can take control of their underlying ecosystem and effectively manage fleets of vehicles and batteries.
Explore our website to discover how Mazi is reshaping the future of e-mobility, providing a robust foundation for companies to thrive and take charge of their battery management solutions. Welcome to Mazi: where innovation meets empowerment in the e-mobility revolution!

Investment Needs

$0 - $1 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$400 000

Why Investing

Scalable Swapping Station Solution
Investing in Mazi presents an opportunity to be part of a scalable swapping station solution that extends beyond the company itself. Mazi's innovative swapping station solution is not only designed for its own use but can also be adopted by other industry players, expanding the market and potential revenue streams. This scalability enhances the attractiveness of the investment, positioning it as a strategic and collaborative solution within the broader industry.
Differentiated Capital Stack for Diverse Investment Levels
Mazi offers a differentiated capital stack that caters to investors at various levels of finance. This flexibility allows investors to choose the investment level that aligns with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Whether seeking higher returns with more significant investment or a more conservative approach with a smaller investment, Mazi's diversified capital stack provides options for a broad range of investors.
Innovative Technician Model and Real-time Adaptability
Mazi's floating technician model and self-service station address the critical issue of range anxiety in the electric vehicle sector. The adaptive nature of this model allows Mazi to respond to challenges in real-time, providing a dynamic solution that can evolve with the industry. Investors can find assurance in the company's ability to stay ahead of challenges, making their investment resilient and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of the electric vehicle market.
Jesse Forester
Founder & CEO
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