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Discover the future of urban mobility with eWAKA—a trailblazing provider of electric two-wheelers and a cutting-edge smart mobility platform, designed specifically for the dynamic landscapes of African cities. Our electric bikes empower individuals to effortlessly transport goods, eliminating the need for a traditional license.
Featuring removable batteries that can be conveniently charged at home or swapped at our dedicated stations, our riders enjoy a seamless experience. Prepayment for full charges is made easy through mobile money transactions. With our state-of-the-art IoT technology, we ensure asset tracking and optimization, maximizing efficiency and convenience.
At eWAKA, we are not just transforming commutes and deliveries; we are revolutionizing opportunities for women, youth, and unemployed populations. Navigating crowded roads, our bikes create avenues for economic empowerment and social inclusion. Our commitment to usability and inclusion extends beyond transportation, fostering economic and social progress.
Join us in reimagining mobility—where eWAKA not only provides convenient and eco-friendly vehicles but also enhances lives by making sustainable transport affordable and accessible for all.

Investment Needs

$2 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$1 000 000

Why Investing

Experienced Team
Investing in this opportunity means aligning with an experienced team. The presence of a skilled and seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a proven track record to the project. This significantly reduces execution risks and enhances the likelihood of successful project implementation. Investors can have confidence in the team's ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, fostering a sense of security and trust in their investment.
Growing Demand for Sustainable and Affordable Transport Options
The project addresses a pressing need in the market by providing sustainable and affordable transport options. As environmental concerns rise and consumers increasingly seek eco-friendly alternatives, the demand for sustainable transportation is on the upswing. By meeting this demand, the project positions itself in a lucrative market niche, offering investors the potential for substantial returns as the trend towards sustainability continues to grow.
Emerging Sizeable Market
Investing in this opportunity taps into an emerging and sizeable market. The recognition of a growing market indicates a significant potential for scalability and market share expansion. Investors stand to benefit from being early entrants in a sector poised for substantial growth, positioning themselves strategically in a market with increasing opportunities and potential for long-term success.
Celeste Vogel
Co-Founder & CEO
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