Embracing the New Urban Era Through Smarter Mobility

It's the greatest prize of the 21st century for any African city.

A Movement With A Purpose

African cities face significant challenges today and in the coming decades due to rapid population growth and large-scale industrialisation. Many people lack access to safe, reliable, and affordable mobility, impacting how we move people and goods.

This situation has clear negative consequences for economic development, public health, job opportunities, and the environment. We refer to this as the 'Old Urban Era.' The human, environmental, and economic impacts of this era are profound, fuelling our passion to help cities across Africa transition to the 'New Urban Era' through smarter mobility solutions.

We are dedicated to uniting every element of the mobility industry to tackle these challenges head-on, creating an environment where social, environmental, and economic opportunities are exponentially amplified.

Our Passion

We’re passionate about improving how people and goods move. Our global team and advisory board have witnessed the extremes of mobility in Africa and around the world, seeing firsthand how outdated mobility systems of the 'Old Urban Era' can hinder freedoms while innovative solutions of the 'New Urban Era' can empower them.

We are committed to embracing the New Urban Era, where people, economies, and environments can achieve their full potential. By integrating every element of the mobility industry—from public transport and urban logistics to automotive and active mobility—we ensure that mobility serves the people, the economy, and the environment effectively. This holistic approach is key to transitioning from the 'Old Urban Era' to the 'New Urban Era,' where opportunities are exponentially amplified.



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Statistics That Matter

The African mobility challenge is enormous, but through collaboration and innovation, we can make a difference. Already we are seeing change, and with your help tomorrow’s future can be bright.


Car Ownership

Car ownership rates in Africa are relatively low, with only 44 cars per 1,000 people, compared to 553 cars per 1,000 people in North America. The number of cars on African roads is expected to double by 2040, which creates many opportunities, however could also exacerbate congestion, emissions, air pollution, and road fatalities


Informal Transport

In many African cities, informal transport systems like minibus taxis, boda bodas, and matatus play a significant role in providing mobility for citizens. However, these systems are often unregulated, unsafe, and not fully integrated, with high accident rates and poor working conditions for drivers.



Inadequate infrastructure and a lack of funding funding is holding back the full integration of smarter mobility solutions. Annually, there is a funding gap of up to $100 billion for infrastructural development in Africa.


Public Transport

According to the World Bank, public transport accounts for more than 80% of all trips in urban areas in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the quality and reliability of public transport systems vary widely across the continent, with many cities lacking formal transit systems.

But change is coming...


Mobility Solutions

A number of mobility solutions are becoming commonplace in Africa, such as ride-hailing services and bike-sharing programs in cities like Lagos and Cape Town. Additionally, several African countries are investing in public transport infrastructure, such as light rail systems and bus rapid transit.


Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (big & small) are becoming more popular in Africa, largely due to their cost saving advantages for businesses and homes, and integration with the electricity grid. These vehicles are lower cost to operate and maintain than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, which could help to reduce the overall cost of mobility.


Bike-sharing & battery swapping

Bike-sharing & battery swapping schemes are popping up in cities across Africa, providing an affordable, healthy, and eco-friendly way to get around and move goods. These schemes are particularly popular in countries like Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa.


Smart Public Transport

Some African cities are investing in Smart Public Transport systems that use technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of buses and trains. For example, in Lagos, Nigeria, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system uses technology to optimise routes and reduce wait times.

“Cities across Africa are embracing the greatest prize of the 21st century, the New Urban Era``

Ben Pullen
Group Director of Mobility
VUKA Group

What We Believe

The mobility industry is changing at a rapid speed, which is creating new opportunities for both existing and new businesses.

We believe in a smarter mobility Africa for all (hence our social handles of #smaforall) which leaves no one behind.

For all areas of the vast mobility industry, we welcome you all and give you the ability to take advantage of all of the opportunities that the New Urban Era has to offer.

Let’s win the greatest prize of the 21st century together, the New Urban Era.

Event featuresCORE FOCUS AREAS

An integrated smarter mobility Africa consists of a dynamic landscape with many hot topics. This year particular attention will be paid to these topics.

Expanding Public Transport

Addresses the challenges and opportunities in public transport, with a focus on urban planning, integration of formal and informal transport, and safety. We explore policy changes, innovative solutions for informal transport, and the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in cities dominated by informal transport. We also work to achieve a better understanding of socio-economic models of the informal transport sector and strategies for improving its business model.

Active Mobility & Universal Access

Active Mobility and Universal Access promotes human-powered transport such as cycling and walking which is the basis for the New Urban Era when it comes to smart cities, safer cities and economically thriving cities (and towns). Fortunately, the majority of African cities currently move around with human-powered transport options. However, this is often in the context of dangerous environments where people experience safety issues from private cars, dangerous streets design as well as crime.


Advancing rail infrastructure in Africa is crucial for economic growth, connectivity, and sustainability. Rail efficiently moves goods and passengers, reducing costs, congestion, and emissions. We explore economic benefits, environmental advantages, and the need for investment in infrastructure and technology, along with addressing funding and regulatory challenges.

Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems offer numerous benefits for cities in Africa. They can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to urban transport challenges, reducing traffic congestion and lowering travel times. Key benefits include improved public transport reliability and safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced accessibility for all. BRT systems can also spur economic development by connecting people to jobs and services, promoting social inclusion, and supporting sustainable urban growth.


The world has changed, and Africa is changing with it when it comes to the fast-paced emergence of zero emission vehicles. Resulting in financial, environmental, and health benefits which hit homes, businesses, cities, and nations. We explore strategies for transitioning fleets of all shapes and sizes to zero-emission vehicles. we focus on better understanding how to reduce emissions and costs, as well as investigating battery swapping solutions and charging infrastructure.

Expert knowledge is paramount

Smarter Mobility Africa summit's programme is developed in close collaboration with its Advisory Board, a group of dedicated and diverse experts, intimately involved in the most critical areas of building an integrated smarter mobility Africa.

Representatives from transport operators, funders, urban planners, regulators, startups, and other industry, government, and academic stakeholders take part in this group, bringing their visions and day-to-day experiences to the discussion before, during and post the live event.


Ben Pullen

Group Director of Mobility

Ben lives and breathes smart mobility and is passionate to play his part in building a better world for the future. He has enjoyed running projects across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa over the last 10 years.

Anazi Zote

Mobility Content & Stakeholder Manager

Anazi is an experienced media professional who has worked as a TV producer and journalist in business news at top media outlets such as BBC and CNBC Africa. Recently, she has been in conference management and production assembling large conferences in South Africa and Dubai, focussed on smarter mobility and renewable energy.

David Sazfir

Business Development Manager

With experience in logistics & sales, David is driving forward an integrated and smarter mobility Africa. He's committed to understanding the market trends and clients needs to ensure they can scale their solutions across Africa.

Sindi Buthelezi

Delegate Sales Manager

Experienced in fostering and nurturing connections within the events management industry. I'm passionate about my role, as it enables me to convene prominent industry figures, policymakers, and thought leaders for meaningful dialogues aimed at addressing pressing challenges and crafting effective solutions.

Rea Khoethay

Marketing Coordinator

Rea is a creative digital strategist who is passionate about building digital communities and is particularly skilled in social media marketing and high conversion content. She believes that building meaningful brands all starts with companies that understand their consumers through multi-channel marketing.

Warda Jakoet

Customer Experience

A passionate leader with a determined focus to ensure that the touchpoints across the client’s journey are engaging, efficient and effective. Attention to customer experience has led to Enlit Africa consistently scoring a high NPS score from attendees.

Rue Limekhaya


With over 20 yrs experience, her focus and attention is to ensure a smooth, enjoyable visitor and delegate experience both online and from the moment the entry badge is collected at the venue. Understanding that we have only one chance to make a good impression she is dedicated in her belief that the customer always comes first.

Chanelle Benjamin

Head Of Operations

Having delivered a full scope of African projects over 13 years demonstrating a proven ability to manage all aspects of event planning; from conception to execution, while ensuring that events are aligned with our brand.

Mobility Case Studies Customer Success

How VUKA Group has helped businesses access new mobility opportunities in Africa

  • Huawei
  • Spiro
  • Nissan

“It was definitely a fruitful event, and a positive experience for us. Having attended and participated numerous events, Smarter Mobility Africa summit certainly stands out as one to remember. Everything ran smoothly, from offloading to build, without any unexpected surprises. We had a really positive experience, are very pleased with the results and happy with the event as well as being connected with the right people in the right way.”

Wesley Scott Regional Marketing Manager, Huawei Digital Power Southern Africa

Company: Huawei


Huawei’s participation and attendance at SMA summit was primarily for exploration purposes, to assess interest and anticipation ahead of their product launch.


By means of securing a platinum sponsorship, which included exhibition space, allowed Huawei Digital Power to showcase, for the first time, its FusionCharge Liquid-Cooled Distributed DC Charging Solution. In collaboration with the Smarter Mobility Africa team, we formulated a comprehensive package that included brand promotion, product placement, thought leadership positioning, communication and media through ESI Africa physical and digital publication. The Smarter Mobility Africa team ensures a seamless end-to-end process, guaranteeing that individuals are connected appropriately and engaged in meaningful conversations. This proved highly fruitful as it enabled us to foster engagement with essential industry stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.


Considering the experimental nature of our experience and our aim to gather feedback, the favourable response we received from the event signals a clear and genuine interest and enthusiasm. As a result, we are now confident about the potential for the official rollout in the future.

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