How to Gain Influence

The VUKA ‘Influence 365’ model is designed to build trust
and awareness with key stakeholders all year round.

The Influence CycleInfluence thinking over extended periods

The power of influencing thinking, building awareness & cultivating trust takes time. While traditional networking and advertising is short term, businesses by nature make decisions across prolonged periods of 6-18 months or more.

In reality, success comes from retaining the market (or your prospects') attention with consistent brand visibility that builds awareness, trust and confidence. It opens doors, and gives you a seat at the table with industry heavyweights.

VUKA opens the door to true 365 marketing, producing evergreen awareness of your company. Imagine staying in contact with your prospects 365 days a year, across multiple media channels to influence the way customers think about your brand. VUKA clients achieve much more with their investments.

  • Create evergreen brand visibility 365 days per year
  • Targeted marketing before, during & after events
  • Leverage trusted industry media to present your brand

“Building relationships throughout and cross-industry is critical to Africa’s future”

David Ashdown
VUKA Group

Influence Your Target Audience 365 Days Per Year

The VUKA 365 influence model represents the cutting-edge of marketing approaches to establish new, meaningful relationships with high-value clients. Our system strategically positions your brand in the media your target clients read for months before meeting you at exhibitions and networking events. By subtly influencing their exposure to your brand in this way, we generate interest and build familiarity, effectively ``warming them up`` to your brand.

By utilising the VUKA 365 influence model, you can be sure that every marketing dollar you spend is working effectively to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships with your target clients. So, why not give it a try and discover the power of subtle, strategic marketing today?

Step 1Choose Your Target Clients

We begin by identifying their locations and devising the best strategies to reach them. We create detailed profiles of your ideal clients and develop a tailored 12-month advertising strategy to position your brand for visibility throughout the year.

Action Steps:

  • Collaborate with you to define your ideal client
  • Create a detailed client profile & behavioural map
  • Analyze their preferred media channels and event attendance
  • Formulate a customized 12-month plan to target and connect with them

Step 2Influence Media They Read

Influence your ideal client by repeatedly showing your brand in the media channels they trust and frequent. With this continuous presence, you'll subtly instil trust and credibility, encouraging your target audience to not only think about you but actively seek you out when exploring new partnerships or business relationships.

Action Steps:

  • Plan your media approach to target high-value contacts
  • Create schedule of articles & social media placements
  • Analyze their preferred media channels and event attendance

Step 3Constant Brand Reminders

People are forgetful and often need reminders to keep a brand top of mind. That's why our tailored 12-month advertising strategy includes subtle media placements that remind customers about your brand. These subtle reminders help to keep the spark of interest alive over an extended period of time, ensuring that your brand remains on the forefront of your target clients' minds

Action Steps:

  • Identify subtle media placements for banners, emails and social media
  • Perfect messaging to remind customers of key interest points
  • Strategically plan cadence for maximum brand recall

Step 4Exhibit At Key Events

Imagine attending an exhibition and instantly capturing the attention of your ideal customer, who has already been reading about your brand in the media. By leveraging our tailored 12-month advertising strategy, your brand will be top of mind for your target clients, making it much easier to stand out at these events and gain their attention.

Action Steps:

  • Select key exhibitions your ideal clients attend, maybe even cross industry
  • Develop a plan for your brand's participation, including exhibiting, sponsoring, or speaking opportunities that showcase your expertise and commitment
  • Design impactful event materials that resonate with your target audience and foster valuable connection

Step 5Master Networking Meetings

Our tailored networking meetings introduce you to your ideal clients directly. Thanks to a year of pre-warming they are already open and excited to meet you. This familiarity and trust create an ideal environment for you to showcase your services and establish valuable connections that can lead to new business opportunities.

Action Steps:

  • Plan key networking events & audiences
  • Vuka makes the introduction in a private meeting environment
  • Perfect your interaction & create long-lasting relationships

How To Enquire

If you're interested in utilising VUKA's 365 effective marketing strategies to influence your target audience and establish valuable connections, the first step is to complete the form below. Once submitted, our team will promptly get in touch with you to explain your options and provide a free strategy session on how to best reach your ideal clients.

At VUKA Group, we believe in full transparency and will provide you with all the information you need regarding our process, pricing, and likely outcomes. So, don't hesitate to enquire and take the first step towards expanding your business network and generating new opportunities.

Create Influence Campaigns with the VUKA 365 influence Model

Feature in
Industry News

Gain valuable exposure and increase your credibility by having your company featured in trusted industry publications. With media being a more trusted source of information, having your business highlighted in these publications can provide a powerful boost.

Exhibit & Connect at Industry Conferences

Talk directly to your customers at exhibitions. Companies that market with VUKA Group see higher returns at exhibitions, as our targeted marketing before, during, and after events ensures that they stand out and engage with the right audience.

Keep Your Brand
Top OF Mind

By marketing before and after events, you brand awareness with potential clients, building trust and creating a warm reception for future conversations. Our targeted marketing ensures that your message reaches the right audience and helps to cultivate a lasting relationship.

Get Connected With
Key Industry Contacts

Access a vast network of industry professionals and establish valuable connections that can help you towards your objectives and, ultimately, drive your business forward.

Publicise Your
Latest Offering

Keep the market informed about your latest offers and innovations, creating awareness and building anticipation for future conversations with potential clients. With VUKA you increase the likelihood of successful conversations and new business deals.

Position Yourself as
a Thought Leader

Use your industry expertise to influence the market through thought leadership, be that in the media, a panel discussions at a live event or video presentations. Creating credibility within your market opens all new doors of opportunity.

Client Success Stories Case Studies

“The actual achievement of driving EVs from the Capital City to Cape Town (2000KM) is a major highlight of this event. The fact that infrastructure exists at various intervals between the two cities is to be highlighted and celebrated. However, is it still very important to note that there is a need for continued investment in infrastructure, public awareness campaigns and related topics to accelerate uptake of EVs in South Africa and the rest of the continent.”

Mamokhele Sebatane Corporate Communications at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Company: NISSAN


Nissan were looking to support the creation of a sustainable EV ecosystem in South Africa and enhance their position as technology leader.


Through consultation with the Smarter Mobility Africa team, a sponsored package was created that included brand awareness, premium product placement in action, thought leadership positioning and influencer and industry stakeholder engagement from the likes of the South Africa Minister of Transport, famous radio presenter DJ Fresh and the United Nations Environment Programme activated at both evrt Africa and Smarter Mobility Africa events. Through world class video and photography, the Smarter Mobility Africa team were able to tell Nissan’s technology story by bringing the product to life in the context of adventure, tourism, industry, and sustainability


Through Nissan’s partnership with Smarter Mobility Africa, they have successfully rekindled the discussions on EVs and the whole EV ecosystem in South Africa. Stakeholder engagements between the OEMs, infrastructure providers, government, government agencies etc have increased appreciably. The partnership also served to educate the public on EV, through evrt Africa which has created heightened interest on EV and related topics. The United Nations Environmental Progamme posted the Nissan leaf viewed 3000 times and reshared 60 times. The total Nissan campaign PR value equated to R23 Million, and media clippings including radio, TV, digital totalling 176 times. Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE): R 7,605,760.53 rounded off the value created by this campaign. Across both events over 50 test drives were given in a Nissan Leaf.

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