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The Green Cab


Cape Town, South Africa




Embark on a journey towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Transport Future with The Green Cab. Our innovative approach empowers women to own and operate Electric Vehicles, seamlessly integrated into Corporate service contracts across South Africa. By choosing The Green Cab, companies not only reduce their Carbon Footprint and Carbon Tax Obligation but also contribute to addressing crucial social and economic challenges faced by women.
As part of our commitment to fostering equality, we are launching the Women’s Driving Academy, offering free training to women drivers. This initiative aims to eliminate barriers hindering women’s equal representation in the transport sector, paving the way for a more sustainable and gender-equitable future.
Introducing our new app partner, ChaufHer: the ride-hail service “By Women for Women.” Established in 2017 and publicly launched in December 2022, ChaufHer connects female drivers with female passengers, prioritizing safety and empowerment. With over 5000 active female riders and 100+ drivers in Johannesburg and 50+ in Cape Town, ChaufHer offers a secure and reliable transportation option. The user-friendly app ensures seamless booking, real-time tracking, and direct communication with drivers.
Join us in empowering women to travel confidently with ChaufHer: Where Safety Meets Empowerment.

Investment Needs

$350 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$70 000

Why Investing

Pioneering Electric Vehicle Adoption
Investing in this initiative provides a unique opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking effort to drive Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption in the E-hailing sector in South Africa. By supporting the transition to eco-friendly transportation, investors contribute to reversing the environmental impact and promote a sustainable future, positioning themselves at the forefront of a transformative industry shift.
Economic Empowerment for Women
Investors can play a crucial role in economically empowering women by supporting this initiative. The adoption of EVs in the E-hailing sector creates new economic opportunities for women, enabling them to become independently economically mobile. This not only fosters gender equality but also reduces vulnerability to Gender-based Violence, making a meaningful and positive impact on both social and economic fronts.
Just Transformation and Micro-franchise Ownership
Investing in the transformation of the e-hailing sector towards a more just and equitable model is an investment in social responsibility. The implementation of a micro-franchise ownership model ensures that drivers have a stake in the business, fostering dignified livelihood opportunities. This inclusive approach not only benefits individual drivers but also contributes to the overall socioeconomic development of communities, making it a socially conscious and sustainable investment.
Amiene van der Merwe
Founder & Managing Director
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