Deep dive into key topics like Green Fleets, Expanding Public Transport, Rail, and Active Mobility with insightful presentations, discussions, panel talks and workshops. Not forgetting our NEW Initiative for 2024: Mobility Investment Projects.

Shape the future of sustainable transportation with us!

  • Day 1 ( 02 October 2024 )
  • Day 2 ( 03 October 2024 )
  • Day 3 (04 October 2024 )


  • Welcome Address from VUKA Group
  • Government Keynote Address/ Inspirational Keynote
  • Sponsor Keynote Address
  • Plenary Panel Discussion: Why embrace the new urban era through smart mobility now?

Stage 1:Green Fleets

Stage 1:Market, Policy, Global & Africa Outlook

Stage 1:Funding Fleets & Infrastructure

Stage 1:Infrastructure

Stage 2:Expanding Public Transport

Stage 2:Integration

Stage 2:Urban Planning

Stage 2:Informal Transport

Stage 3:Rail Stage

Stage 3:Sustainability

Stage 3:Infrastructure & Regional Integration

Stage 3:Investment


Enhance your career opportunities and maintain professional standards in the fast-paced mobility industry with Smarter Mobility Africa's mix of activities.

Opening & Closing Ceremony

The whole mobility industry plays a vital role in Africa realising its 2030 visions - from public transport and rail to automotive and micromobility - it is the participation and integration of all these elements that will ensure mobility truly serves the people, the economy, and the environment. The Opening & Closing Ceremony stages present insights and visions from Africa’s leaders who are responsible for delivering on the 2030 visions which are fast approaching.

Expanding Public Transport

Public transport plays a critical role in providing reliable and safe mobility in cities. In Africa, informal public transport is mostly used to get around. However, a lack of investment, integration, and infrastructure have held it back. This stage explores the opportunities presented within public transport through paratransit, rail, integrated infrastructure and reduced congestion to bring about safer, affordable and efficient mobility for all.

Green Fleets

Transitioning fleets to new energy vehicles comes with a huge amount of opportunity to reduce costs and emissions, whilst improving user experience. However, the speed at which this change is happening provides some level of challenges, which would make even the most focused fleet operator feel somewhat anxious.

Green Fleets Summit will simplify some of the must know information when embracing this inevitable transition to electric vehicles, which will make your fleets more efficient and more enjoyable to manage.

Rail Stage

New For 2024: Rail Stage - Africa's rail sector is on the move! Local manufacturing is gaining steam, offering an exciting prospect for growth. The focus is also on sustainable development, with discussions about how urban rail systems can create greener cities. There are challenges, though. Balancing economic development with reducing emissions in rail projects is a complex issue that will be addressed. The rail focused stage will conclude by exploring financing solutions to get these vital infrastructure projects on track.


Join us on the evening of the 1st of October for the Smarter Mobility Gala Dinner, a prestigious event celebrating the advancements and fostering connections within the dynamic world of smarter mobility in Africa.

The Gala Dinner is more than just an evening event; it's a platform to strengthen partnerships, spark new ideas, and collectively propel Africa towards a more sustainable and connected future. Join us and enjoy a magnificent dinner experience while immersing yourself in an atmosphere of progress and collaboration.


At Smarter Mobility Africa summit, we will bring attention to gender disparities whilst giving women the power to lead change in mobility. The Women in Mobility Breakfast will ensure no woman stands alone against inequality, safety and lack of access. This event will create a support structure for women to empower and learn from each other.

It will also foster networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, and mentorship amongst women professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in various sectors of the mobility industry. It’s all about Women in Mobility – Leading the Way to enhance opportunities for younger women who aspire to build a career in the futuristic and dynamic mobility sector.


Introducing SMA summit's NEW initiative to support innovative mobility projects across Africa. Our goal is to improve access, safety, affordability, and sustainability of transportation in Africa by embracing the new urban era through smarter mobility funding. Showcasing smarter mobility initiatives seeking support and funding is a key pillar of Smarter Mobility Africa, strongly driven by a passion for improving how we move people and goods to embrace the new urban era.

Through live project pitches, showcases and digital listings, we are able to connect projects to a network of global and local investors 365 days a year.

  • Day 1 ( 02 October 2024 )
  • Day 2 ( 03 October 2024 )
  • Day 3 (04 October 2024 )

Stage 1: Opening Ceremony Hello from Your Master of Ceremonies

Stage 1:Green Fleets

Stage 1:Market View

Stage 1:Funding Fleets & Infrastructure

Stage 1:Infrastructure

Stage 2:Expanding Public Transport

Stage 2:Urban Planning

Stage 2:Integration

Stage 2:Informal Transport

2024 Advisory Board member

The 2023 Smarter Mobility Africa summit speakers successfully connected the industry to the people, organisations, and information that can positively influence Africa's evolution to a smarter integrated mobility. Our global speaker line-up served as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, inspiring concrete steps towards a more sustainable transportation future for the continent.

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