Listing your project will give you exposure to an investor audience looking for opportunities across the African continent. The platform is available, for free, to all project owners.

Secure Global Attention And International Strategic Investments

Experience the influence and benefits of our digital platform as it amplifies your business's narrative, unveiling your vision and solutions.

Enhance Visibility

Elevate your project's visibility to capture the attention of a broader audience, including potential customers, partners, and actively seeking investors in a competitive market.

Showcase Your Potential

Seize a distinctive chance to present your vision, mission, and market solutions. Investors seek projects with growth potential; a carefully crafted listing can convey your value proposition and growth prospects effectively.

Access To A Global Network

Connect with local and regional investors and access a global network of backers. This exposure is pivotal, particularly for projects with international scalability potential, attracting global investors eyeing opportunities in emerging markets like Africa.

Credibility And Trust

A credible listing on a recognised platform builds trust, attracting investor interest. Endorsement by such a platform enhances your business's transparency and professionalism, instilling confidence in potential backers.

Attract Investment Opportunities

Many investors actively search for projects to fund through online directories and platforms. By having a presence on such platforms, you increase your chances of connecting with investors who are specifically interested in your industry or sector.

Expert Support And Resource

Our platform provides crucial resources and support for refining your pitch, strategy, and financial model. These tools are vital for showcasing your project effectively and attracting like-minded investors.

VUKA “Support & Connect” Channels

VUKA offers a comprehensive array of opportunities aimed at catalyzing the success of your projects.

  • Tailored office spaces for productive collaboration and innovation.
  • Expert financial advice for project success.
  • Exclusive access to diverse investors for funding opportunities.
  • Specialised pitch deck creation for effective communication.
  • Over 25 years of invaluable business experience and expertise

List your project with VUKA

Empower your project's visibility:

  • Create a commanding online presence before your target audience.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders to showcase and nurture your project.
  • Access pre and post-marketing support to realize your objectives.
  • Project owners: seize the chance to enhance your visibility and connect with a community of like-minded professionals and eager investors, by showcasing your project 365 days a year.

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Mar 2022

Event, November 20, 2023Enlit Africa 2022

Connect with power and energy industry influencers

Mar 2022

Event, November 20, 2023Enlit Africa 2022

Connect with power and energy industry influencers

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