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GEG Geosleeve




Renewable Energies



GEG Geosleeve provides terrathermo power solutions leveraging NASA-inspired thermoelectric power generation technology to harness low-temperature geothermal resources (50°C to 95°C).

Our systems, with no fuel costs and no moving parts, provide 24-hour power independent of climate and weather. Scaled for community-level distributed networks and multi-MW baseload power for national grids, our innovative approach ensures scalability and sustainability.

With project sites ready for investment in Eastern and Southern Africa, Iceland, Italy, Indonesia, and the United States, GEG is at the forefront of the global transition to clean and reliable energy, offering a unique opportunity for environmentally conscious investors to be part of a greener future.

Investment Needs

$20 000 000

Funding Type:


Investment Raised to Date:

$2 000 000

Why Investing

Exclusive First Mover Advantage
Investing in our company presents a unique opportunity due to our current first mover advantage. We have developed a groundbreaking system and business model that currently has no competitors worldwide. This advantage not only allows us to establish a strong market presence but also positions us to shape industry standards and capture a significant share of the market. Investors can benefit from the early entry into a potentially lucrative market, with the potential for long-term dominance.
Experienced Sole Shareholder
The company is currently led by a sole shareholder who possesses extensive experience in the energy sector. This individual's expertise enhances the company's ability to navigate the complexities of the industry successfully. Furthermore, the company is actively seeking strategic investors who can bring additional value through collaboration. The flexible and tailored agreement terms offered to potential investors mitigate specific perceived risks, fostering a collaborative environment that aims to maximise returns for all stakeholders. This collaborative approach provides a unique chance for investors to actively contribute to the company's growth while leveraging the existing leadership's experience.
Global Scalability
One of the key advantages of our system is its global scalability. Unlike high temperature geothermal systems limited to specific regions, our technology taps into low temperature geothermal resources found abundantly across Africa and globally. Additionally, the versatility of our system extends beyond geothermal applications to include various low-temperature heat sources in urban, commercial, and industrial settings. This broad applicability not only expands our potential customer base but also positions us to address a diverse range of market needs, providing investors with exposure to a scalable and adaptable technology with the potential for widespread adoption and impact.
Jordan Oxley
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