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Panyimur Geothermal Project




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The Panyimur geothermal system, nestled in the heart of Panyimur Sub-County within the Jonam County of the recently established Pakwach District, stands as a promising frontier in sustainable energy development. Spearheaded by Bantu Energy, the project holds the Geothermal Licence EL 1651, spanning an expansive 92 square kilometers under SPV 1, showcasing a formidable potential to generate 20MW of clean and renewable energy.

The diligent efforts of Bantu Energy are evident in their comprehensive studies conducted on the Panyimur Geothermal System, specifically focusing on the designated licence area covered by EL 1651. These studies form an integral part of the exploration process, paving the way for the culmination of a feasibility study. Throughout the exploration phase, both visible and blind geothermal resources were meticulously identified, qualified, and delineated.

As the project progresses towards the next crucial phase, a drilling program is poised to unfold. This strategic initiative aims to further verify the identified geothermal resource, marking a pivotal step towards harnessing the immense potential of Panyimur for power generation. Bantu Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions, coupled with the promising indicators from the exploration process, positions the Panyimur geothermal system as a beacon of clean energy advancement in the region.

Investment Needs

$100 000 000 +

Investment Project Type:


Why Investing

Pioneering Renewable Energy Solution
Investing in our geothermal power plant presents an opportunity to support the development of the first truly efficient renewable energy facility in Uganda. By reducing reliance on coal and heavy diesel engines, our project aligns with the Ugandan government's goal to transition to cleaner energy sources, particularly in the West Nile region. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also advances national energy security objectives.
Significant Impact on Local Communities
Our power plant will have a direct positive impact on over 2 million households in the West Nile region by providing them with access to reliable electricity. This infrastructure development enhances the quality of life for residents, improves healthcare and education services, and stimulates economic growth through increased productivity and connectivity. Investing in this project means participating in a venture that directly benefits a large population, fostering social progress and community development.
Job Creation and Economic Empowerment
The establishment of our power plant will catalyze economic growth in a region facing severe unemployment challenges, with an unemployment rate exceeding 85%. By providing over 5,000 direct jobs and an estimated 150,000 indirect employment opportunities, our project will significantly boost the local economy. Investing in our initiative not only generates financial returns but also contributes to poverty alleviation and socio-economic empowerment by creating sustainable livelihoods for thousands of individuals and families in the region.
Eric Clive Byenkya
Eric Clive Byenkya
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