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Microcare Energy


South Africa


Renewable Energy


Gareth Burley

Microcare Modular Mini Grid Solution

Microcare has designed, developed and manufactured a modular Mini Grid Solar Solution that can create a power station in any location of up to 250kW in capacity.
The project carries a 90% local content component with a strong focus on local manufacturing, skills development and job creation.
Ready for certification Microcare is seeking investment to take this proudly South African innovation to commercialisation level with an intention of powering the likes of hospitals and schools with 100kW containerized systems.

Investment Needs

$1 000 000

Funding Type:


Investment Raised to Date:

$100 000

Reasons To Invest

Market Opportunity
With prototypes already operational, investing in certifying and commercialising locally manufactured solutions taps into a growing market demand. This offers swift scalability and penetration as industries and communities seek sustainable, efficient options.
Revenue Diversity and Advantage
Investing now means accessing various revenue streams, including product sales, licensing, and maintenance contracts. Early investment secures a competitive edge in a market poised for growth.
Impactful Investment
Supporting the certification and commercialisation of these solutions yields both financial returns and social/environmental benefits. It aligns with ESG principles, attracts socially conscious investors, and addresses pressing societal challenges.
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