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Renewable Energy



So-Cool’s solar-powered kiosks act as self-sufficient energy hubs, tapping into abundant solar resources to reduce reliance on traditional power. Integrated refrigeration units extend product shelf life, benefiting businesses in agriculture, food retail, and healthcare.

The kiosks also feature computers, fostering digital connectivity for SMEs to streamline operations. So-Cool’s commitment to affordability ensures accessibility, promoting economic growth and community development by empowering entrepreneurs and creating job opportunities in underserved regions. So-Cool envisions a future where SMEs in Africa have reliable access to energy and cooling, transforming the business landscape and fostering sustainable growth.

Through our interconnected solar-powered kiosks, we strive to bridge the energy gap and empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world. Join us in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future for SMEs in Africa with So-Cool’s transformative technology.

Investment Needs

$0 - $1 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$120 000

Why Investing

Community Impact and Economic Development
Investing in So-Cool goes beyond financial returns; it actively contributes to community impact and economic development. The provision of reliable refrigeration solutions directly benefits smallholder traders, empowering them to enhance their businesses and livelihoods. This positive impact resonates throughout the community, fostering economic growth and stability. Investors can take pride in supporting a venture that creates meaningful change and uplifts communities.
Scalability and Regional Expansion
So-Cool's success in addressing the needs of peri-urban communities is a testament to its scalability. Investors stand to benefit from the project's potential to expand its reach to more communities and regions. As the demand for reliable refrigeration solutions continues to grow, So-Cool's scalability becomes a key driver for investors seeking opportunities with the potential for widespread impact and increased market penetration.
Diversification of Impact Investing
So-Cool offers investors a unique avenue for impact investing by combining financial returns with social and environmental benefits. This diversification in impact investing allows individuals and institutions to contribute to positive change while still realizing financial gains. Investors seeking a well-rounded and socially conscious investment portfolio can find value in the dual impact of financial returns and social upliftment provided by So-Cool.
Dr. Patrick Agese
Founder & CEO
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