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Cape Town, South Africa


Renewable Energies


Revolutionising household hot water access, our cost-effective solution combines innovative technology and strategic design to create solar water heaters. Crafted with advanced high-heat-resistant polymers, our heaters guarantee durability and optimal performance in diverse conditions. The integrated tank and panel design simplifies installation with a plug-and-play setup.
Our commitment to mass production via injection blow molding ensures quality consistency and affordability. Priced from $50 to $400 for 50L to 200L sizes, our solar water heaters provide clean and sustainable hot water for a broad consumer base.
Partnering with hardware stores, we’ve secured three letters of intent, affirming market interest and establishing a reliable distribution channel. As we expand, we’re confident our solar water heaters will transform how households meet hot water needs, promoting sustainability and affordability.

Investment Needs

$1 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$350 000

Why Investing

Optimal Domestic Hot Water Solution
Investing in our project means supporting the best domestic hot water solution tailored specifically for the region between 30 degrees North to 30 degrees South globally. This strategic focus on addressing the unique climate demands of this region enhances the project's market relevance and potential for widespread adoption.
Passionate Founder Driving Social Impact
The founder and inventor of this project are driven by a profound passion to make a positive difference. With a commitment to providing access to solar hot water across various LSMs (Living Standards Measures), investors can align themselves with a venture that not only prioritizes profitability but also strives to bring meaningful change to millions of people by promoting sustainable energy solutions.
Profitable Business Model with Social Impact
The project offers a compelling business model that combines profitability with social impact. Investors can anticipate financial success while contributing to a venture that prioritises social good. This dual focus on doing well financially and doing good for society positions the project as an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking both returns on investment and a positive contribution to global sustainability efforts.
Jacques de Villiers
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