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Richard Navarro

Poseidon Hydroelectric combines 3 proven technologies in a new way to produce hydro power 24/7 without a dam, sun, wind, tides, currents, or batteries. It may be constructed and operated on land or on the water without harm to the environment or marine life for low cost renewable energy. Each 100 MW of Poseidon power eliminates 50 tons of carbon emissions with a production cost of less than 2 cents (USD) per kilowatt hour it addresses all of the concerns about renewable energy in a safe manner.

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The need for electricity is critical to the development of the African economic growth.
Poseidon provides the opportunity to provide low-cost renewable energy 24/7 without the sun, wind, batteries, or the harm to the environment posed by conventional hydroelectric systems. With a potential return on investment of 1400% and a medium risk for capital, there is a fantastic opportunity to achieve your power needs, economic development and expand global exports.
Implementing Poseidon in Africa also opens the door to the development of manufacturing facilities there so the product may be exported globally.
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