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Ekurhuleni Waste to Energy


South Africa


Renewable Energy


Bankable Feasibility
Tony Van Til

The project aims to create a sustainable waste management system in Ekurhuleni by implementing a waste-to-energy (WTE) solution. In this approach, waste is converted into energy, reducing landfill volume and producing stable residues.

Given the variable nature of municipal solid waste (MSW), WTE offers a flexible and proven solution. By generating energy from waste, the project not only addresses waste disposal challenges but also promotes renewable resource utilization.

Through this initiative, Ekurhuleni seeks to enhance environmental sustainability, drive economic growth, and improve residents’ quality of life

Investment Needs

$300 000 000

Funding Type:


Investment Raised to Date:

$1 500 000

Reasons To Invest

Government Endorsement and Support
Investing in a project sanctioned by the South African government through the ANC National Development Plan provides a strong endorsement of its viability and alignment with national development goals. With government backing, investors can have greater confidence in the project's long-term sustainability and potential for success. Additionally, government support often brings with it regulatory advantages, incentives, and access to resources that can enhance the project's overall prospects for success.
Direct Partnership with Municipality
The direct involvement of the municipality in the project signifies a close collaboration between the private sector and local government authorities. This direct partnership can lead to streamlined decision-making processes, efficient resource allocation, and enhanced project oversight. By working closely with the municipality, investors can leverage local expertise, infrastructure, and community relationships to mitigate risks and maximize returns. Furthermore, a strong partnership with the municipality can offer investors greater visibility into local market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and potential growth opportunities.
Attractive Return on Investment (ROI) and High Yields
Despite the relatively long ROI period of 8 years within the 20-year project lifespan, the promise of high yields presents an attractive investment proposition. While patience may be required for the initial years, the projected returns indicate a steady and lucrative income stream over the project's duration. Moreover, the extended project lifespan offers investors the opportunity for long-term wealth accumulation and sustained profitability. The combination of a favorable ROI and high yields underscores the project's potential to deliver substantial financial rewards to investors while contributing to broader socio-economic development objectives sanctioned by the government.
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