ENLIT Africa and ESI Africa create opportunities for US based companies

US based companies look to engage with leaders in the African power and energy market.

Spiro establishes itself as Africa’s foremost electric vehicle (EV) deployer and increases brand awareness

Spiro, a leading African EV company specialized in electric motorbikes and clean energy infrastructure, participated in the SMA Summit as part of its strategy to establish itself as Africa's foremost elect

CTC Global reaches out to potential customers

CTC Global was keen to reach out to potential customers who were in the market for transmission line upgrades.

Conlog meets face to face

Conlog's team were eager to meet with customers face to face particularly decision makers and technical managers

ACTOM expands their brand in and around South Africa

ACTOM were looking to expand the reach and awareness of their brand into African countries, specifically outside of South Africa.

GE Energy as a Leader in the Gas-to-Power Sector

GE Energy were keen to engage with the Africa power generation market positioning GE as a leader in the gas-to-power sector.