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Hilton Musk

Project Manager: E-Mobility

I am a well-rounded and experienced Project Manager, Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur with a natural aptitude for leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, innovation, execution and management. 
I have a unique ability to spatially visualize all the factors of a project, scenario or business – from macro through to micro – and how they interact and impact each other, whilst incorporating innovation, financial and business acumen, and engineering first principles to find the best solution.  
In personal and professional environments, I am driven by and follow 3 core principles in all my endeavors, namely – efficiency, sustainability, and continuous growth. My core interests include engineering (civil and transport), project management, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, green and circular economies, architecture, agriculture, industrial design, data, technology development and telecommunications. 

May 24, 2024

AIDC- EC boosts electric vehicle adoption by launching public electric vehicle charging stations

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May 14, 2024

Ticketing Revolution: Streamlining Public Transport for Africa

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