Sasol Debuts Hydrogen System at Smarter Mobility Africa summit

Sasol, a global leader in energy and chemical production unveils its cutting edge hydrogen system at Smarter Mobility Africa summit.

Written by Anazi Zote Piper

At the Smarter Mobility Africa summit, attendees had the opportunity to witness first-hand Sasol’s hydrogen system in action. The showcase demonstrated the technology’s capabilities and highlighted its potential to revolutionise the transport landscape in Africa and beyond.

This trailblazing technology holds huge importance in the realm of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing environmental footprint of transport. According to Dries Swanepoel who is the Principal Specialist: Market Development – Green Hydrogen at Sasol there is an opportunity for South Africa to leverage the abundance of this renewable element to transition transport towards cleaner and greener mobility.

“This is the start of something big to come on the African continent. We are blessed with a lot of endowment of renewable energy which is the start of the production of green hydrogen,” according to Swanepoel.

Advantages of hydrogen

One key advantage in relying on hydrogen as an alternative energy source lies in its versatility. It’s compatible with various forms of transport such as automobiles to public transit systems which caters to all mobility needs. This adaptability positions Sasol at the forefront of the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions in Africa.

“If you look at the technology we are deploying it’s around the movement of hydrogen on South African roads. Currently the regulation is limited to only transporting gas only at 200 bars, for us to fill the vehicles and get more charge into the vehicles we need to increase the pressure. We need to get to a minimum of 500 bars at the very least, which is on equal footing in what we see in the likes of Europe and America,” says Swanepoel.

Furthermore, the hydrogen system is underpinned by a robust infrastructure that supports refuelling and distribution. This network is strategically designed to ensure convenient access for vehicles powered by Sasol’s hydrogen technology, paving the way for widespread adoption across urban centres and remote areas alike.

A commitment towards sustainability

Sasol’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the technology itself. The company’s rigorous research and development process prioritise safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. This dedication to excellence ensures that the hydrogen system meets the highest industry standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainable mobility solutions.

“It’s important we get more partners to join the ecosystem so that we can reach commercial scale a lot quicker. Equally as important will be the local governments whether it be provincial or national government. We need a lot of support from those governments to help us put the necessary standards, regulations and policies in place to make this a reality,” says Dries.

As the world strives for greener, more sustainable mobility options, Sasol’s hydrogen system stands as a beacon of hope and progress. With its forward-thinking approach, Sasol is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility on the African continent, setting a precedent for innovation and environmental stewardship in the industry.

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