Roam Pushes For E-Motorcycle Adoption In Kenya

“We are confident that this hassle-free charging experience is what will eventually turn the boda boda industry electric. This is a landmark moment”

Romain Petiteau
Head of Energy & Charging

Roam launches its multi-purpose electric motorcycle charging station called Roam Hub in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Currently with 3 key sites, Roam Hub gives riders public access to battery charging and battery rental services with plans to add more locations to their network over the coming months. 

“The launch of the Roam Hub demonstrates our ability to advance our sustainability and electrification goals through a versatile set of charging solutions and technology offerings,” said Romain Petiteau, Head of Energy & Charging. 

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Although it’s still possible to charge the electric motorcycle at home, the hub acts as an ecosystem solution for riders to make their daily operations easier.  

Charging in less than an hour 

Roam Hub charging stations are equipped with fast chargers capable of charging the Roam Air in less than an hour. The hub is also designed for boda-boda operators, who are at the heart of the motorcycle taxi industry in Kenya, to accommodate their versatile needs. The stations are also equipped with spare parts and staffed with trained technicians who can provide maintenance and repair services as needed.  

“At Roam, we believe that simplifying the charging experience is essential to electric motorcycle adoption and customer satisfaction,” said Habib Lukaya, Energy & Charging Product Manager. 

A one-stop-shop 

After buying an electric motorcycle at the Roam Hub, the public will have access points to update technology and software on their motorcycles making the hub a one-stop-shop for different needs. 

“We are confident that this hassle-free charging experience is what will eventually turn the boda boda industry electric. This is a landmark moment,” said Petiteau 

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Powered partly by solar energy, the stations are designed with an interoperability function that allows other electric vehicles from Roam’s partners to be serviced at these locations. The stations are strategically located at the heart of busy urban areas namely: Total Energies Lusaka Road (the flagship location), Waiyaki Way, and Ngong Road. 

The roll-out of this dedicated charging network for electric motorcycle riders is an important step in Roam’s vision towards decarbonising Kenya’s transport sector. 

“With our industry-leading electrification ambitions, we can change the future of electric motorcycles in Kenya,” said  Petiteau. 

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