AIDC- EC boosts electric vehicle adoption by launching public electric vehicle charging stations

Written by: Anazi Zote Piper

The Automotive Industry Development Centre Eastern Cape (AIDC-EC) has taken significant steps to support electric vehicle drivers by launching new electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure, positioning South Africa as a leader in charging infrastructure across Africa. 

By unveiling a series of public universal electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Or Tambo and Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipalities, the AIDC-EC has set a ground-breaking precedence for zero emission vehicles.  

Driving forward electric vehicle adoption in the Eastern Cape, South Africa 

This initiative, launched on the 23rd and 24th of May, symbolises a pivotal moment in the Eastern Cape’s automotive sector evolution. The strategic rollout plan by AIDC-EC, which includes establishing 13 charging stations within the current financial year, showcases a proactive approach to keep pace with the rising global transition to New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in the region.  


These efforts align with global trends in the automotive industry, which are increasingly driven by climate change mitigation policies, cost savings, and technological advancements.  

In November 2023, South Africa published the EV White Paper, which underscored the importance of transitioning to EVs as both a challenge and an opportunity for the South African automotive industry. This was welcomed by the Eastern Cape Provincial Government through the Premier and MEC Mlungisi Mvoko in its submissions.  

Leading the charge 

The presence of Premier and MEC Mlungisi Mvoko at the launch events underscores the province’s dedication to leading the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Through strategic collaboration with local stakeholders and leveraging existing infrastructure, the AIDC-EC aims to make EV charging accessible to a wider audience, transcending mere convenience. This initiative not only addresses the practical needs of EV owners but also signifies the Eastern Cape’s progressive stance on smarter and more environmentally sustainable industries.  

Hoosain A Mahomed, Executive management at AIDC-EC commented on LinkedIn “Government has a role to play, more importantly in the Eastern Cape to encourage the transition to electric vehicles. We applaud our Provincial Government to support the need for Charging stations across the Eastern Cape.” 

As the province continues to invest in green initiatives and expand its EV charging infrastructure, it sets an example for other regions in South Africa and the continent to follow. The AIDC-EC’s vision for a greener, more efficient automotive sector, supported by the provincial government and local stakeholders, positions Eastern Cape as a key player in shaping the future of mobility, not just within the region but also throughout Africa. 

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AIDC- EC boosts electric vehicle adoption by launching public electric vehicle charging stations

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