Passion To Make A Difference

The Enlit Africa story is one of passion to transform Africa’s energy landscape


A Conference With A Purpose

Africa faces significant energy challenges, with many people lacking access to reliable and affordable energy sources. The situation has far-reaching consequences for economic development, health, education, and the environment. The human impact of this energy deficit is profound, and it fuels our passion to create change. Through innovation, collaboration, and investment, we can build a more sustainable and equitable energy future for Africa. These reasons are why we are dedicated to bringing together every element of the energy industry to tackle challenges head-on and create a better future.

Our Passion

Our conference is the centrepiece of this mission, providing a platform for experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders to come together and drive real change. By connecting every element of the energy industry, we're creating a community that's capable of tackling the biggest challenges facing the continent. Together, we're building a more sustainable, resilient, and independent energy supply for Africa - and we couldn't be more excited about what's to come.

Enlit Africa 2023 Showreel

Experience Africa's most influential energy conference & exhibition, held annually in Cape Town

Statistics That Matter

The African energy challenge is enormous, but through collaboration and innovation, we can make a difference. Already we are seeing change, and with your help tomorrow’s future can be bright.


600 million Africans lack electricity, around two-thirds of the population. In sub-Saharan Africa, only 43% have access to electricity.


Africa's energy requirements are expected to double by 2040, reflecting its rapidly growing population and economic expansion. The lack of reliable electricity hinders economic development, costing Africa an estimated 2-4% of its GDP each year.


Fossil fuels account for more than 80% of Africa's energy consumption, with renewable energy sources such as hydro, solar and wind accounting for less than 10%.


Approximately 80% of Africa's population relies on traditional biomass for cooking, which has adverse health effects and contributes to deforestation.


South Africa generates approximately 90% of its electricity from coal, which contributes to significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

But change is coming...


In some African countries, such as Ethiopia and Kenya, investments in renewable energy have been growing rapidly, with the potential to transform the energy landscape on the continent.


Only 10% of Africa's hydropower potential has been exploited, leaving a significant opportunity for growth in this sector.


Renewable energy capacity in Africa has increased by 4 GW in 2020, which is a record growth of 18% compared to 2019. (Source: International Renewable Energy Agency)


In Nigeria, over 5 million homes now have access to solar energy, reducing the country's reliance on fossil fuels and improving energy access for communities. (Source: Solarplaza)


African countries like Morocco and Kenya have launched ambitious renewable energy projects, such as the Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex and the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, which are among the largest in the world and contribute significantly to the continent's energy mix. (Source: World Bank)

At our core, we believe in a better energy future for Africa. That's why we're passionate about helping to transition the continent to more reliable, renewable energy infrastructure. And the good news is, we're starting to see positive signs of progress. From significant increases in renewable energy investment to improved access to electricity for millions of people, Africa's energy sector is innovating and generating more resilient, sustainable energy supplies. We're excited to be part of this story and can't wait to see what the future holds.

PRIME is delighted to have participated in Enlit Africa Connect by starring in a session focused on PRIME’s latest technical updates, including PRIME Hybrid with a special focus on the achievements of in-field deployments in Africa

Pilar Julián Arrieta
Strategic Consulting, ianusGroup

What We Believe

The boundaries of the sector are blurring and this evolution is being shaped by established players, external disruptors, innovative start-ups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

We believe in an equitable energy transition that leaves no one behind.

From corporates to consumers, investors to entrepreneurs, and engineers to activists – we welcome all and give you the ability to seize all of the opportunities that the energy transition has to offer.

Energy is evolving. So are we – so are you.

Together we will make a difference.

Event FeaturesKey Themes Of The Conference

Africa’s energy transition is a dynamic landscape with many hot topics. This year particular attention will be paid (amongst others!) to these topics.

Build Energy Capacity and Resilience

Building energy resilience in Africa is crucial for sustainable and reliable energy access. The conference will explore strategies and innovations to achieve this goal aligned to the capacity building targets set across the continent.

Mapping the Just Energy Transition

Uncover the obstacles and identify the opportunities directly from the decision makers responsible for a successful, inclusive and equitable transition for the continent. Success will be driven through shared learning and experience.

A Future in Renewable Energy

Promoting African green and renewable energy is essential for a sustainable future, and not specific to just Africa, this is a global issue countries around the world are racing to solve.

Unlock Finance and Investment

Connect with industry experts keen to discover new and investable opportunities and create meaningful collaborations to drive innovation towards real-world energy solutions.

Expert knowledge is paramount

Enlit Africa’s programme is developed in close collaboration with The Advisory Board, a group of dedicated energy specialists, intimately involved in the most critical issues of the energy transition.

Representatives from utilities, vendors, IPPs, regulators, start-ups and other energy transition stakeholders take part in this group, bringing their thoughts and day-to-day experiences to the discussion during the live event.

VUKA Energy Team Meet The Team

Chanelle Hingston

Group Director

[email protected]

Chanelle brings unparalleled leadership, passion, and expertise to the project team. From development to management and marketing, Chanelle has a keen eye for every aspect of event planning, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees and driving future growth.

Claire Volkwyn

Head Of Content

[email protected]

An experienced content director with global knowledge of the smart energy and smart metering sectors. Claire has worked extensively across Africa and also globally for almost two decades. She is passionate about Africa and it's energy evolution through the transition the sector is undergoing.

Naz Fredericks Maharaj

Head Of Marketing

[email protected]

With a passion for people and a determination to make a positive impact, Naz is recognised for launching ground-breaking marketing initiatives in various sectors. A serial networker, Naz is at her best in a room full of industry influencers and demonstrating VUKA Group's mission to connect people and organisations to information and each other.

Marcel Du Toit

Head Of Sales

[email protected]

An exhibition industry veteran, he has led sales teams across multiple sectors on African projects. Supporting customers to achieve success in local markets, it is important for Marcel and his team to clearly understand customer objectives to ensure they can apply the Influence Cycle at every customer touch point.

Sindi Buthelezi

Delegate Sales

[email protected]

An experienced sales professional with a passion for making a positive impact on people's lives. Sindi excels in the events industry due to her love for travel and meeting new people. She has previous involvement and experience in investment sales, believing it to be an excellent way of securing futures.

Warda Jakoet

Customer Experience

[email protected]

A passionate leader with a determined focus to ensure that the touchpoints across the client’s journey are engaging, efficient and effective. Attention to customer experience has led to Enlit Africa consistently scoring a high NPS score from attendees.

Rue Limekhaya


[email protected]

With over 20 yrs experience, her focus and attention is to ensure a smooth, enjoyable visitor and delegate experience both online and from the moment the entry badge is collected at the venue. Understanding that we have only one chance to make a good impression she is dedicated in her belief that the customer always comes first.

Chanelle Benjamin

Head Of Operations

[email protected]

Having delivered a full scope of African projects over 13 years demonstrating a proven ability to manage all aspects of event planning; from conception to execution, while ensuring that events are aligned with our brand.

Client Success Stories Case Studies

  • CTC Global
  • Conlog
  • GE Energy

“Through our participation at ENLIT Africa, we are able to regularly meet with key decision makers within local and Pan-African power markets, and therefore we see this as a crucial event to be part of.”

Wynand De Lange Vice President Southern Africa

Company: CTC Global


Our main objective was to meet with utilities and large power users who are in the market for transmission line upgrades.


CTC was provided several opportunities through the exhibition as well as pre-event marketing and support to connect with potential customers. One of the solutions provided was an editorial in the ESI-Africa magazine where we talked about the need for transmission line upgrade planning. We felt that the exposure pre-event as well as dissemination of the article through ESI-Africa’s social media channels gave us great exposure.


Through our participation at Enlit Africa 2022, we were able to meet with the main utility of Guinea, and we are in advanced discussions on a transmission line upgrade.

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