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VF Holding

Jovan Vujasinović

Chief Executive Officer

Jovan Vujasinovic is versatile scientist and entrepreneur with almost 20 years of international experience in electronic and IT industry.

He is a specialist in the field of smart energy management, smart cities, smart metering systems, as well as remote management of other measuring and industrial devices. Along with his academic and scientific career, he also proved to be a successful entrepreneur and manager.

He was the founder and CEO of Meter & Control, raising the company from the initial phase with one employee to the stage where the company has reached up 100 employees, was among the 5 companies in the world that owns the desired IDIS certificate, on the same level with the world’s leading manufacturers, and exported its own smart energy management products in the European union.

Today, he is also a consultant in company management, business process optimization, creating business strategies and strategic marketing.

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