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Western Cape Provincial Government

Bernhard Teuteberg

Deputy Director

After finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree in 2008, I went on to complete a Master of Engineering degree in Renewable Energy the following year at the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies, located at Stellenbosch University. The focus of my studies was renewable energy, specifically Solar and Wind Power, with a project based on microhydro pump-as-turbine technology. 
After graduating I spent some time at Caudwell Marine where I was a Test Engineer responsible for determining and running various testing procedures and protocols for a high-performance inboard boat engine. We used various types of sensor equipment that fed into a central logging unit to provide detailed feedback on testing parameters. 
Finding an opportunity more suited to my background, I joined Power-Star where I was responsible for the Energy Management service. This typically involved data analysis in order to find the most appropriate and feasible projects to run. Our behavioural and operational change projects delivered significant savings in energy usage at various sites (from 10% to 35%).  
To supplement my skills, I completed my CMVP training and accreditation in 2014, which requires demonstration of competence in IPMVP measurement and verification protocols. 
An exciting opportunity for personal growth presented itself with the chance to work at Energy Partners, where I am currently responsible for the energy management programme at one of our largest portfolio clients. This opportunity has allowed me to gain significant experience in team management and customer engagement at portfolio level. 

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