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Advisory Board

EPRI ( Electric Power Research Institute)

Barry MacColl

Senior Regional Manager

Barry MacColl is the Senior Regional Manager for the Electric Power Research Institute covering Africa, South East Asia and Oceania.


He is based in Johannesburg. Barry joined EPRI from Eskom Holdings, where he worked for 26 years in various positions. His early career years were spent in the Cape commissioning and maintaining control and instrumentation equipment and converting Eskom’s systems from electromechanical and discreet component systems to those based on digital technologies. He was appointed as the manager of the telecommunications, protection, control and DC systems as well as a regional control centre and ultimately became accountable for the planning, design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and refurbishment of all control plant equipment in the Eastern Cape.


Recognized for his holistic view of the business, Barry was then moved into a strategic planning and integrated risk management role. He moved into the company’s R&D group in 2007 and was promoted to General Manager of the Research, Testing and Development Business Unit in 2012, the last position he held before joining EPRI. Barry has a Bachelor of Science (Electronic Engineering) degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal and a Masters of Business Administration from Rhodes University. He is married to Carey, has three children and loves to spend time cycling and fishing in beautiful South Africa

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