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    Unlocking Africa’s Digital Future: The Rise of Chenosis API Marketplace

    Chenosis is a Pan-African API marketplace opening access to the benefits of a connected world with countries functioning in Africa such as South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Zambia, and Uganda. Our curated range of APIs address critical challenges such as mobile identity fraud and customer experiences, alongside AI-powered solutions that revolutionise workflows and accessibility.

    APIs are specification for how to interchange information, they enable enterprises to scale, expand, and do business better, faster, and cheaper. Allowing organisations and businesses to expand  at exceptional rates by sharing services with external organisations and businesses. Chenosis provides a platform for API publishers to expand their distribution into our network of African markets.

    Chenosis is an API and Platforms marketplace that opens access to transformative solutions and potential revenue streams, enabling you to unlock growth and innovation. Buy API mashups, platforms, or apps to enhance your business and access distribution when you sell to our network of African markets. APIs present a framework to new ecosystems as they allow businesses to tap into markets, across various sectors such as Financial Services, Communications, Health, and Government.

    Focused on enabling entrepreneurs and business with distribution in the marketplace and to build the right solutions for the business problems rather than just products, Chenosis’ vision is to contribute to the evolving role of API marketplaces in Africa. Our mission is to facilitate connectivity and collaboration, and thereby unlock new opportunities in Africa.

    The Chenosis API marketplace is a growing hub for API resources, including many that leverage the newfound power of AI. AI-based tools for facial recognition, speech-to-text, multilingual translations, and e-signatures are available, and being used to streamline app development and unlock possibilities. Chenosis is reinforcing its position in software and technology through APIs which are the core engine driving strategy developing an unprecedented range of new services.

    There are numerous ways APIs can generate development for businesses. With the Internet of Things (IoT) bringing digitisation to all kinds of products and services, the influence of APIs is developing far beyond technology firms. The opportunity to leverage APIs exist in every market. Some sectors are compelled to present APIs due to regulation (such as healthcare and banking), whereas others are prompted by industry interoperability (such as telecommunications) or disruption (such as retail, media, and entertainment).

    APIs are building blocks for digital transformation, they enable mobile experiences, connect companies on the web, and enable platform business models. While APIs power digital giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, they also benefit small to midsize companies by allowing them to offer products and services through emerging platforms and are an opportunity that exist in every industry. It is projected that organisations will spend $6.8 trillion on digital transformation between 2020 and 2024.

    While APIs have been in existence since 2000, their influence has accelerated digital transformation and, in more ways than one, seamlessly enabled the pivot to the new normal. Companies that get APIs right from a strategy and architecture perspective have the potential to drive new revenue streams from services enabled by apps. Chenosis opens access to solutions and potential revenue streams, enabling you to unlock growth and innovation, whereby you can buy API mashups, platforms, or apps to enhance your business.

    Since the launch of Chenosis in August 2020, over 4000 users have signed up and over 300 developers have joined this uniquely pan-African marketplace. Chenosis opens access to solutions and potential revenue streams, secured developer community access, service levels, usage monitoring and the ability to monetise their efforts.

    As APIs continue to become more central to digital success, their evolution will present exciting opportunities for businesses. Chenosis is dedicated to technology that empowers, fosters valuable collaboration, and pilots digital innovation thereby unlocking new opportunities in Africa.

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