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    Industry Leading Companies to Sponsor CEM Africa

    Get to know the sponsors that help bring CEM Africa 2024 to life.

    Industry Verticals

    If you are looking for products, services and solutions to support your customer experience initiatives, CEM Africa hosts a global network of >25 providers to meet your needs. Learn from solution providers, source from suppliers and experience products from across customer experience.

    CEM Africa Sponsors are leaders in their commercial field, they drive the industry in innovation and development. Network with our Sponsors to be inspired, learn and grow your business. Our Sponsors represent a cross section of the customer experience industry and lead the continent in the industry vetricals listed below.

    CRM / CSM / CMS software
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    CX Management platform
    Customer Data Analytics and Insights
    Data Protection & Management
    Personalistion & Recommendation Engines
    Social Media Monitoring & Engagement
    VoE / VoC Analytics & Solutions
    Workflow Automation and Optimisation
    Field Service Management
    Service Level Monitoring
    Digital Marketing
    UX / UI Design
    Customer Journey
    Customer Feedback & Surveys
    Loyalty & Rewards
    Contact Centres
    IT / ICT
    Legal & Insurance
    Business Advisory & Consulting
    Policy & Regulation
    Universities / Colleges
    Finance & Investment
    Lead Sponsor
    Research Partner
    Innovation Sponsors
    Whatsapp Partner

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