Exclusive interview with Jean Jacques Kaboto, finance and sales director of Afritech, a gold sponsor at the upcoming DRC Mining Week


Let’s start with some background on Afritech and the company’s proud history. Where in the world are you active?
Africa Technologies Corporation Afritech is a company under Congolese law with Congolese capital (that is to say that 100% of the share capital is held by Congolese). Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, more specifically in Lubumbashi, Afritech’s pride lies in the quality of the relationships it manages to establish with its various partners to whom it also offers goods and services.

It should be noted and specified that although we grant them the goods and services, Afritech does not consider its customers in the restricted sense of the term (customers) but rather as partners and that gives us another vision of the business, because it finds itself in partnership relations.

Any specific projects or success stories that you are particularly proud of and want to share?
Afritech is working on many projects and currently the one in execution is a project on the MMG site. Speaking of success stories, we can tell you that the name Afritech has made partners of many companies not only with the quality of its range of products and the services offered to them; but also through the proactivity during after-sales service.

Where in Africa are you focusing for future growth?

For the future growth of partnerships (remember that for Afritech, customers are partners), we are currently interested in a few countries bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. I cannot say more at the moment.

How important is the DRC for Afritech? And the mining industry in particular?

We can say that the Democratic Republic of Congo has been a learning experience for us, our business is based on the challenges that we encountered and that we regularly encounter in mining companies in terms of the quality, which must be satisfactory and the price, which must be competitive as well as the delivery time of goods and services, which must be reasonable.

What is your vision for your operations in the DRC and the region? Are there particular challenges?
Our vision is to see Afritech become a support arm for the problems and services of mining companies, at least for those who consume Afritech (our products). And the challenges generally lie in terms of quality and price, that of making customers understand that quality has a price.


What surprises you about the mining industry?

The mining industry surprises with innovation in terms of technology and it is also a great challenge to bring this innovation to our partners and have it adopted.

What will be your message at the upcoming DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi?

We invite everyone from the, DRC, Africa and all over the world to respond enthusiastically to this unique meeting. There will be many surprises, as there have always been.

Anything you would like to add?

Just to say “See you again” at DMW 2023. And that you can count on Afritech as a partner, you will not be disappointed.

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