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Our MissionDriving Change Across Africa

VUKA Group is a business with a purpose. We are deeply engrained in the fabric of Africa and the emerging industries therein. As the parent company of leading conferences and media publications in various industries across Africa, VUKA Group serves as the central hub for all key sectors. With 20 years of experience operating in the African market, VUKA Group has become an expert in connecting people and organisations in meaningful conversations, helping them reach the next level of growth in their industry ecosystem.

Companies that attend one VUKA conference often find value in attending conferences in other sectors because they are complimentary, providing a more comprehensive view of the industry. VUKA Group provides access to C-suite decision-makers in these industries, making it an ideal platform for businesses looking to expand their network and reach.

VUKA Group's 365 Influence Model helps businesses connect with important industry players before and after events, ensuring they know who you are and increasing the likelihood of forming meaningful connections. This model goes beyond the traditional conference model and allows businesses to gain more value from their investment in VUKA Group's events and media properties.

A Purpose-led OrganisationWe care about a better tomorrow for the people of Africa

VUKA Group is a purpose-driven company that strives to connect people and organisations in emerging industries in Africa, fostering collaboration between innovators and established companies to drive growth and find new opportunities, with intention to create a better future for all across Africa.

  • We believe in a PPP bottom-line with decision making guided by our purpose
  • We provide news and insight into Africa's emerging industries to influence connections
  • Our mission, to connect companies and decision makers to information and each other across in-person and digital environments with the objective to create opportunity.

About The CEO

David Ashdown is an experienced business leader with a deep passion for the transformative power of collaboration in emerging markets. As CEO of VUKA Group, his focus is on connecting and empowering industries in Africa to create new opportunities for growth and advancement. What drives David's passion is his firm belief that by working together, businesses and communities in Africa can build a brighter future for themselves and for generations to come. With his leadership and clear communication, VUKA Group is poised to make a meaningful impact in unlocking the potential of the African continent

I am deeply passionate about VUKA’s responsibility to better the African nation

David Ashdown

365 MarketingHow To Drive The Influence Cycle

VUKA Group offers a system that enables businesses to influence decision makers before and after events, with consistent brand visibility that builds awareness, trust, and confidence. With 365-day marketing, clients achieve much more with their investments and position their company as an authority via live events, tradeshows, online events, news cycles, and more.

  • Create evergreen brand visibility 365 days per year
  • Targeted marketing before, during & after events
  • Leverage trusted industry media to present your brand

Industry Leading Media

VUKA Group is a trusted media partner to key professionals, policy makers, suppliers, and manufacturers. The company manages the biggest media distribution across target industries, providing unparalleled access to African business opportunities.

With 365-day marketing and a focus on retaining market attention, VUKA Group opens the door to true influence marketing, allowing businesses to have their voices heard, solve problems, form powerful relationships, and create opportunities through connection across targeted digital and in-person environments, VUKA Group helps clients gain evergreen brand visibility, leverage trusted industry media, and access innovative thinking to position themselves as authorities in their industries.

Industry thought leadership across: Energy, Mining, Mobility, Green Economy and Retail.

Related Industry Events

We provide unparalleled access to key industry players and innovative thinking across a range of alternative industries. By connecting businesses at our conferences and events, we foster collaboration and open doors to new opportunities.

Our events are specifically designed to address the needs of related industries with similar challenges, allowing attendees to gain insights and knowledge from experts and peers alike. From the mining and energy sectors to smart mobility and the green economy, our events provide targeted marketing opportunities before, during, and after exhibitions, as well as year-round access to the latest news and resources.

A Sustainability Focus

At VUKA Group, we are passionate about sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that every decision and event is made with the environment in mind. We strive to create events that not only benefit our clients and attendees but also the planet.

By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to make a positive impact on the communities and environments where we operate, and to inspire others to do the same. We adopt a PPP Bottom Line approach to our organisation that influences our decision making and talks to our values. The leadership team at VUKA Group are committed to driving the business towards a net zero environmental impact.

VUKA Group Leadership Team Leaders in Your Industries

David Ashdown

Chief Executive Officer

David is a twenty six year veteran of growing businesses in global emerging markets. He's leading the VUKA Group at a pivotal point in the company's growth, with a focus on clear communictaion and digital transformation.

Murad Ebrahim

Chief Financial Officer

Murad leads an incredible financial team within VUKA, growing the business across the African continent. He's also passionate about VUKA's social programs that give back to communities.

Bruce Robinson


Bruce has a global career offering extensive experience in the commercial and financial leadership of multi-national businesses, working across Start-Ups, SME's to Blue Chip listed companies.

Ben Pullen

Group Director Mobility

Ben lives and breathes smart mobility and is passionate to play his part in building a better world for the future. He has enjoyed running projects across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa over the last 10 years.

Chanelle Hingston

Group Director Energy

Chanelle uses her international marketing experience to lead the energy sector of VUKA Group media properties. Her passion is developing and growing people & brands in a fast changing industry.

Tracey Gersowsky

Group Director Client Experience & Operations

Tracey has over 20 years’ event experience across Africa and the UK, and is passionate about delivering creative, fun and engaging in-person, hybrid and digital experiences for audiences, knowing that there is only one chance to make a good first impression.

Terry Southam

Group Director Retail

Terry is the innovative leader of VUKA Group's retail sector. With over 150 conferences on his track record, he's responsible for delivering the two largest eCommerce & CX events in Africa.

Errol Bryce

Group Commercial Director

Errol brings his extensive experience in global print media to his role in VUKA Group. His goal is to deeply understand customer objectives & create campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Liezel Killingbeck

HR Director

Liezel uses her studies in psychology & sociology to help develop the skills of the VUKA team. Every business boils down to people & her role is to support them in creating fulfilling careers.

Amelia Kühn

Marketing Operations & Data Director

Fifteen years in marketing, design and data, has fed Amelia's natural passion for problem solving. She makes sure her department answers the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’ in their marketing.

Ashvir Dhanrajh

Finance Director

Ashvir's experience in one of the Big 4 accounting firms set the stage for him to master the financial needs of large corporations. He ensures financial reporting compliance across VUKA Group.

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