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Cape Town, South Africa


Circular Economy


Expansion / Established Business
Welcome to Reclite SA, where innovation meets sustainability in the recycling of PV modules and Li-Ion batteries. We have developed our proprietary recycling system, actively utilizing it to responsibly manage these waste streams. At Reclite SA, we go beyond conventional recycling by producing new, valuable products from the recovered materials.
Our commitment extends beyond recycling – we’re in the process of establishing a group of companies to create a comprehensive solution for the African market. From manufacturing machinery to producing end-products, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable ecosystem for recycling in Africa.
Explore our website to learn more about how Reclite SA is leading the way in eco-friendly recycling solutions, contributing to a circular economy, and driving positive change in the African market. Welcome to Reclite SA: where recycling becomes a catalyst for innovation and environmental responsibility!

Investment Needs

$11 000 000- $50 000 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$800 000

Why Investing

Impressive Growth Curve
Investing in this opportunity means tapping into an impressive growth curve, with a current rate of 30% year on year. This consistent and robust growth is a positive indicator of the company's market traction and potential for future expansion. Investors seeking opportunities with a proven track record of sustained growth can find value in supporting a venture that is on an upward trajectory.
High Profitability
The project is characterised by high profitability, indicating a sound business model and effective financial management. Investors stand to benefit from the potential for substantial returns driven by the project's ability to generate profits consistently. High profitability not only enhances the financial attractiveness of the investment but also reflects the company's competitive positioning and efficiency in its operations.
Technology Front Runner in the African Market
Being a technology front runner in the African market positions the project as a leader in innovation within its industry. Investors can leverage the advantages of being associated with a company at the forefront of technological advancements, gaining exposure to cutting-edge solutions and the potential for sustained competitiveness. This technological leadership enhances the project's appeal for investors seeking opportunities in industries poised for continuous advancement and adaptation.
Steffen Schroder
Managing Director
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