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Brickify Ltd


Lagos State, Nigeria


Green Buildings


Welcome to Brickify, where innovation meets sustainability! We are on a mission to transform plastic waste into the building blocks of a brighter future. At Brickify, we specialize in recycling plastic waste to construct low-cost houses, pioneering a solution that not only addresses environmental challenges but also contributes to affordable housing solutions.
Our process involves repurposing plastic waste into durable, eco-friendly bricks that serve as the foundation for resilient and cost-effective housing. By reimagining the potential of plastic, we’re not just building homes; we’re building a sustainable tomorrow.
Explore our website to learn more about Brickify’s commitment to environmental responsibility, social impact, and the journey towards creating affordable, plastic-built housing solutions. Join us in turning the tide on plastic waste and building a more sustainable, inclusive world—one brick at a time. Welcome to Brickify: where waste becomes home!

Investment Needs

$1 000 000 - $10 000 000

Investment Project Type:

Grant and Equity

Invested Value to Date:


Why Investing

Unique, Relevant, and Important Solution
Investing in our project means supporting a solution that stands out as unique, relevant, and crucial. The uniqueness of our solution distinguishes it in the market, addressing a specific need or problem in a way that sets it apart from competitors. Its relevance implies that it directly addresses current market demands or societal challenges. The importance of our solution signifies its potential impact on improving lives, industries, or systems, making it a compelling investment opportunity.
Viable Business Model
Our business model is not only sound but also viable, emphasizing its sustainability and ability to generate profits over the long term. Investors can have confidence in the project's capacity to navigate market dynamics, generate consistent revenue streams, and achieve financial success. The viability of the business model adds a layer of security for investors, indicating that the project is well-positioned for economic sustainability and growth.
Scalability and Licensing Opportunities
The scalability and licensing potential of our brick system present investors with additional avenues for growth and revenue. The ability to scale the business implies that it can expand operations efficiently to meet increasing demand or enter new markets. Moreover, the option to license the brick system to other countries or companies enhances the project's reach and revenue streams. This scalability and licensing aspect make the investment not only promising in its current context but also adaptable and expansive, providing investors with diverse opportunities for returns.
Oluwamayowa Salu
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