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BasiGo Inc


Cape Town, South Africa




Welcome to the BasiGo Projects Hub! Explore our showcase of cutting-edge initiatives transforming the landscape of e-mobility. At BasiGo, we don’t just offer innovative projects; we revolutionize the financing game with our groundbreaking “Pay-As-You-Drive” (PAYD) solution, tailored for bus operators venturing into the realm of electric buses.
Our PAYD solution encompasses battery leasing and a flexible payment plan, empowering bus operators to seamlessly adopt electric buses through mileage-based leasing arrangements. BasiGo’s pioneering approach is reshaping the affordability and accessibility of electric buses in public transport.
Browse through our listed projects to witness firsthand how BasiGo is driving positive change in the e-mobility sector. Welcome to BasiGo Projects: where innovation meets finance to accelerate the electric future of public transportation!

Investment Needs

$50 000 000+

Investment Project Type:

Debt & Equity

Invested Value to Date:

$11 500 000

Why Investing

Massive Market Potential
The project addresses a substantial market, with over $20 billion spent annually on diesel and bus purchases in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This indicates a significant market size and potential for the project to capture a considerable share, making it an attractive investment opportunity in a sector with substantial economic activity.
Strong Financial Returns
The projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 30% to equity over the life of each electric bus underscores the financial viability of the investment. Investors seeking strong financial returns can find appeal in a project with such promising IRR figures. This financial performance signals the project's potential to deliver attractive returns on investment over the long term.
Positive Environmental Impact
Each electric bus in the project contributes to a reduction of over 40 metric tons of CO2 equivalent annually. This emphasizes the positive environmental impact of the project, aligning with global sustainability goals. Investors interested in socially responsible investments and contributing to carbon reduction efforts can find value in supporting a project that actively addresses environmental concerns while offering financial returns.
Jonathan Green
Co-Founder & CFO
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