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Year: 2021


Cape Town, South Africa


Waste Management



Revolutionize waste recycling facilities with cutting-edge computer vision and AI technologies through our impactful project. Our mission is to enhance recovery rates while creating more job opportunities for human sorters. Our platform goes beyond conventional approaches, offering actionable insights into biodiversity across ecosystems.

Experience the power of data-driven insights that not only elevate recovery processes but also play a pivotal role in supporting conservation strategies. Our innovative platform enables responsive interventions, shaping a future where technology and environmental sustainability harmoniously coexist.

Investment Needs

$450 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:

$50 000

Why Investing

Rapid Exponential Growth
Investing in this company offers the opportunity to capitalize on rapid exponential growth. The company's track record and market positioning indicate a trajectory of significant expansion, providing investors with the potential for substantial returns on their investment. The ability to ride the wave of such rapid growth is an appealing prospect for those seeking high-performance investments.
Cross-Sector Application
The company's proprietary technology sets it apart by not only offering a competitive edge in its current sector but also by having cross-sector applications. This versatility makes the technology adaptable to various industries, enhancing its market potential and mitigating risks associated with dependence on a single market. Investors stand to benefit not only from the current sector success but also from potential diversification into other lucrative markets.
Global Tech Company
Investing in a global tech company provides investors with exposure to a broad and diverse market landscape. This global presence not only signifies the company's ability to navigate international markets but also positions investors to benefit from the interconnectedness of the global economy. The company's global footprint enhances its resilience and opens up opportunities for sustained growth and profitability on a worldwide scale.
Sean Kelly
Anisoptera, Co-Founder & CTO
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