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Your Accelerator Platform: An African Growth Ecosystem – Chenosis

According to McKinsey (2023), technology offers us effective ways to build an Africa that is empowered to progress. We want to contribute to enhancing the penetration of technology in Africa and offer the needed tools and support to the communities in order to unlock their expansion by adhering to our company ethos which is connected to accessibility, enablement and empowerment which is at the forefront of why and how we do business and offering community accessibility to smart technology that can resolve and grow businesses and individuals.

Chenosis is a place that aids in finding what you need and reimagine your path to progression. Our vision is to allow the developer the enterprise, the partner, and an increasing community of self-motivated individuals through a marketplace. Chenosis is the centre of this exchange which is multi-sided.

This is a universe whereby enterprises develop their businesses faster with partner APIs and whereby partner APIs provide developers with a robust foundation to get creative. We have confidence that every individual should have accessibility to the advantages of code. Chenosis is multifaceted as it is not just an ecosystem but an intentional component in the breaking down of barriers to develop space for opportunities, expansion and connectivity.

The future of code does not depend on professional developers. Instead, low-code and no-code solutions are redefining what it entails to build, and we exist to help you take the steps in your business with efficient support. The Chenosis marketplace is an ecosystem that is resolute in bridging the gap between code, and those that require the advantages of code to progress.

We are inviting businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators to digitise, optimise, and standardise, seamless integration of smart technology as a conversion towards APIs would benefit their operations to reach digital audiences through saturated and firmly controlled ad networks and ecommerce markets. APIs would position them to be more effortless to offer services and products through platforms that are emerging, unbundle and re-bundle their core competencies, and offload non-core competencies to third party providers.

Digital visionaries utlise ecosystem thinking to outline strategies for sustainable development and utilise APIs as a means for value exchange within the network of value. Organisations that aim to remain adaptable enough to survive and succeed in the digital market should welcome the ecosystem way of the API as APIs are the building steps for digitisation.

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