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How Samsung Mobile Designed a Highly-Converting Multi-Channel Experience to Boost Galaxy Note 9 Sales – Insider

Insider’s Proactive Approach Improved Our Conversions by 275%

“Insider’s global team of growth consultants worked closely with us to carve out a

multi-channel marketing strategy during the launch of Galaxy Note 9, one of our flagship devices. Insider helped us deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital channels and improve our conversion rates significantly, reaching as high as 275%. Galaxy Note 9 contributed to 9% of the total sales on Samsung’s website within the 20 days after the device launched globally.”


Barış Gökpınar

Chief Marketing Officer

About Samsung

 Samsung has been the global leader in the smartphone industry for almost a decade now. The year on year success is due to the constant evolution and innovation Samsung brings to its online retail ecosystem. Samsung is known to be a brand that delivers cutting-edge user experiences to attract new customers as well as retaining its loyal stream of age-old customers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung recently released Galaxy Note 9, one of the most anticipated phones of the year. Galaxy Note 9 showcases the very best Samsung has to offer concerning smartphone quality and craftsmanship.

Moreover, catering to a plethora of modern smartphone consumers, Samsung had to build a more innovative and consistent customer experience. The search led them to Insider’s Growth Management Platform that is backed by AI and Machine Learning technologies.

Building Highly-Converting Multi-Channel Experiences

For Samsung, a multi-channel approach meant providing a consistent experience to its audiences, whether it is mobile web, desktop web, or apps.

Samsung worked closely with Insider’s local growth experts in markets that mattered the most to build a multi-channel customer experience delivery strategy.

24% Higher Conversions with Cart Recovery Web Push Notifications

Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best smartphones released in 2018 and well on target to be the phone of the year against other brands.

Samsung devised a Web Push strategy that targeted some of their competitor’s devices and promoted the new Galaxy Note 9 devices, using Insider’s Messaging suite. Web Push messages attracted new prospects while reducing the instances of cart abandonment for Samsung.

As a result of Cart Recovery Web Push Notifications, the Samsung marketing team was able to boost their web push click-through rate by 14%. Also, the conversion rate of the Cart Recovery Web Push Notifications was 24% higher compared to the conversion rate Samsung achieved with standard Web Push notifications.


Personalizing Category & Product Pages for Mobile Web Visitors

Samsung noticed a sharp drop-off rate on their category and product pages while analyzing their website during the Galaxy Note 9 launch. To address this issue, Samsung adopted Insider’s Category Optimizer, which helped them optimize their mobile web page layout automatically based on a visitor’s last-clicked category. Samsung welcomed each visitor with a customized view of their products and categories based on visitor preferences.

This simple tweak led Samsung to drive over 10% conversion rate uplift.

Delivering Relevant Product Recommendations with Insider’s Interest Clustering Technology

 Samsung adopted Insider’s Interest Clustering technology to create user segments and clusters to target their audiences with highly-relevant content and product recommendations. These clusters are created with the assistance of Insider’s Machine Learning and AI engine, that recognizes patterns, activities, and behavior of users and serves them content accordingly.

For instance, customers who showed an interest in Galaxy Note 9 were shown relevant content and product messages like introductory offers and discounts when they pre-booked a Galaxy Note 9 device, and content highlighting unique features.

This targeting increased relevance and contributed to a massive uplift of 275% in conversions. Also, Samsung’s overall conversion rate increased to 10%.

Using Targeted Web Overlays to Drive Consumer Interest

Prospects that visited the Galaxy Note 9 product page, microsite, or showed interest in the Galaxy Note 9 promotional emails were served with segmented overlays that offered them special offers. These offers were a combination of free items like Samsung’s fast wireless charger or the Dex Dock. If the user signed up via these overlays they qualified for freebies that added extra value to their purchase.

As a result, the web overlays contributed to 9% of the total Galaxy Note 9 sales within a 20 day time frame.

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