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Guideline Geo Interview: “after 99 Years, Innovation Is Still At The Core Of Our Company To Drive Development In The Geophysical Field”

Exclusive interview with Peter Persson, Sales Manager MEA for Guideline Geo, a silver sponsor at the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week.

Peter Persson, Sales Manager MEA for Guideline Geo.

Let’s start with some background on your company, what your services entail and where in the world you are active?

For the past 99 years Guideline Geo has been and is a world-leader in geophysics and geo-technology offering sensors, software, services and support necessary to map and visualize the subsurface. The instruments we manufacture are ABEM Terrameter LS, ABEM WalkTEM, ABEM Terraloc Pro and MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar.We provide complete solutions and applications expertise around the globe in four key growth areas:

  • mineral exploration
  • detecting and mapping groundwater
  • environmental and geological risk assessments
  • infrastructure site investigations

Guideline Geo can be your guide to the subsurface!

Any specific projects or success stories that you are particularly proud of and want to share?

We have been involved in many projects throughout the African continent over the years. Whether it has been through the UN, World Bank, ministries or private consultants, there are many ways to help people with their problems. Being a part in finding a new well for a village in need always warms the heart a little extra.

Where in Africa are you focusing for future growth?

We are present in many countries in Africa through our extensive distributor network. Nigeria and East Africa are some of the areas where we focus on but we can be found in most places.

How important is Nigeria for your company? And the mining industry in particular?

It is a very interesting market for us where many of our solutions are helping clients on a daily basis. We see great potential in Nigeria.

How did Covid impact your operations? What did you learn from the pandemic?

At the same time it forced our company to be even more resilient and find other ways to help our existing and future clients. The innovative spirit in our company was a great help in this area too by finding other ways of reaching out and helping. We could also dedicate more resources into R&D and development of new and improved solutions.

What is your vision for your operations in Nigeria and the region? Are there particular challenges? 

We would like to grow our presence more and eventually have our own centre of excellence in Nigeria, it is a great place to cover the continent with a buzzing domestic market.

What surprises you about the mining industry?

Not everyone seems to be aware of the many ways that geophysics can help.

What will be your message at the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week in Abuja?

Come see how we can help you be more efficient in your mining operations or other needs requiring the ability to understand what the subsurface looks like.

How excited are you about being part of the first live Nigeria Mining Week since the pandemic?

It is great to be able to meet people in public again, personal interaction always allows for a more productive exchange of information.

Anything you would like to add?

Next year our company will celebrate 100 years since it was founded. The company was started by the Swedish government in 1923 with the aim to use physical methods to aid in the mining in the Northern part of Sweden. (Four years later the first book on geophysics was written!) Since then, there have been many new innovations and it is still the core of our company to drive development in our field. Combined with all the experience gained over the years we are the ideal partner to work with for your geophysical needs.

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