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Advisory Board


Greg Blandford

Director of Energy and E-mobility

Director of Energy and E-mobility at Rubicon, Greg has gained 23 years’ experience in the industrial and renewable technology sectors focused on automation, renewable energy, and e-mobility. He has worked on many automotive sector projects for new vehicles with various OEM’s as well as renewable energy projects across Africa. 

He is passionate about sustainability and technology to solve mankind’s need for energy, food, water, and mobility. He is currently focused on the rollout of EV charging infrastructure for various vehicle OEM’s, private networks, and a Rubicon funded EV charging network. 

Nov 29, 2023

Africa’s youth and green jobs for their future

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Nov 27, 2023

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: “Every time I see one of our Green Riders on the road, I think: He’s off to go make some money”

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