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We All Want a Greener Future For Africa

Africa's Green Economy story is one of passion to catalyse investments that enable Africa’s just transition.

A Conference With A Purpose

Climate change is accelerating the need for a just transition. Governments in Africa are developing national plans and laying strategies to adapt their economies and growth models towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

This new era presents a defining opportunity for projects from start-up to national, to scale and expand, to influence the evolution of infrastructure and industrialisation which will have a significant impact on environmental sustainability and economic growth. Catalysing investments across local and international stakeholders is key to enable Africa’s green economy transition, in a just and inclusive way.

Africa’s Green Economy Summit objective is to connect global capital and green economy projects across the continent to drive a better future for all.

Our 7 Commitments to Influence Change

Our 7 Commitments

Our Passion

Our conference and showcases promoting exciting new projects are at the heart of this mission, providing a platform for experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders to come together and drive real change.

By connecting every element of the sector, we're creating a community that's capable of tackling the biggest challenges facing the continent. Together, we're building a more sustainable, resilient, and independent Africa - and we couldn't be more excited and proud to play our part in accelerating Africa's transition to a functioning green economy.

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Experience Africa's most influential green economy conference & exhibition, held annually in Cape Town


Statistics That Matter

Africa stands at a pivotal moment in its history, with unprecedented opportunities and challenges before us.


Africa is the most affected of all world regions by droughts and the second most affected by floods. A third of the people considered most at risk in the world live in Africa.


A sharp increase in population is forecasted in Africa by 2050, the continent will be home to over 2.5 billion inhabitants.


Africa will be home to the world’s largest working-age population by 2040.


Over 60% of the population in Africa will live in urban areas by 2050 putting pressure on urban planning, existing infrastructure, air quality, water supply, sanitation and waste management.


The annual funding gap in climate financing of $213.4 billion offers innovative investors a chance to make an impact by building Africa’s climate resilience.

But change is coming...


Seven countries in Africa are predicted to be in the world’s top ten fastest growing economies. This means a large increase in energy demand from households, industry, transport, and power generation.


Africa can become a trailblazer in renewable energy solutions, with abundant solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal resources that may contribute to a 6.4 per cent increase in GDP from 2021 to 2050.


Significant reserves of critical minerals like copper, graphite, lithium, molybdenum, nickel, zinc, bauxite, cobalt, manganese, and platinum make Africa essential for electric vehicles, solar PV cell technology and wind turbines.


A pipeline of 360 ongoing sustainable infrastructure projects worth $100 billion and additional tentative projects in the same sectors valued at $257 billion, demonstrates the continent’s diverse investment opportunities in the transition to net zero emissions.  


The continent has the potential to produce 30-60 million tonnes per annum of green hydrogen by 2050 while creating 3.7 million new jobs and boosting the continent’s GDP by as much as $60 billion to $120 billion.

The opportunities that exist in green hydrogen, energy storage, electric vehicles and a wide range of manufacturing, to name but a few, have the potential to transform our local economy. We know that this will require many stakeholders and many investors to ''find each other'', and that’s why this summit has been of such critical importance.

Geordin Hill-Lewis
Cape Town Mayor

What We Believe

Boundaries are blurring and this evolution is being shaped by established players, external disruptors, innovative start-ups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

We believe in a net zero Africa future, with a diversified and sustainable economy able to provide for all of its citizens and to achive this the African continent will need to embrace the green transformation that is now underway across the globe.

From corporates to consumers, investors to entrepreneurs, and engineers to activists – we welcome all and give you the ability to seize all of the opportunities key to enabling Africa's just transition.

The Green Economy is evolving. So are we – so are you. Together we will make a difference.

VUKA's Green Economy Team Passionate for a Greener Future


Operations Manager

Having delivered a full scope of African projects over 13 years demonstrating a proven ability to manage all aspects of event planning; from conception to execution, while ensuring that events are aligned with our brand.

Diann McGown

Event & Conference Project Manager

With over a decade of experience in event management, from concept to logistics, orchestrating large scale multi-faceted conferences and exhibitions. My passion lies in creating impactful experiences.

Elodie Delagneau

Project Manager: Startups & Partners

A passionate advocate for People and Planet, brings over a decade of event management and community building experience across diverse sectors and locations. Leading projects at Africa's Green Economy Summit and directing OCEANOVATION, she catalyses sustainable solutions for the blue economy.

Errol Bryce

Group Commercial Director

Errol brings his extensive experience in global print media to his role in VUKA Group.

His goal is to deeply understand customer objectives & create campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Emmanuelle Nicholls

Project Lead

Emmanuelle has built her 20-year career in event management in Africa and Latin America. She carefully and successfully managed a range of B2B, B2C and B2G events across industry sectors namely: infrastructure, mining, agriculture, metering, and power & energy. She currently freelances for companies with a focus on sustainability.

Julia Barton-Hill

Investor Relations

Julia is graduated with a Masters Degree from leading German and US universities and holds a postgraduate business management diploma from UCT. Her background includes of over 20 years in international business development and marketing, having worked on 3 continents and visited over 40 countries. She is managing her own consultancy - Bellcrescent Partners- facilitating direct investments into the infrastructure and green economy sectors across Africa.

Mzamo Jika

Business Development Executive

Mzamo is a dedicated and passionate sales professional with 15 years of working experience and a successful record in B2B business development, sales, key account management and stakeholder relations, having worked both in local (Africa) and international markets.

Ryan Piper

Marketing Coordinator

While studying at Vega, Ryan was the brand strategist for an organ donation non-profit from its conception, while also working as head waiter at a fine dining wine bar. Ryan has taken over as marketing coordinator for Africa’s Green Economy Summit as his first full time job and hopes to thrive in the events industry.

Rue Limekhaya

Customer Services Manager

With over 20 years experience, her focus and attention is to ensure a smooth, enjoyable visitor and delegate experience both online and from the moment the entry badge is collected at the venue. Understanding that we have only one chance to make a good impression she is dedicated in her belief that the customer always comes first.

Sindi Buthelezi

Business Development Executive

Passionate about sustainability and sales, I'm a dedicated green economy salesperson with a mission to drive positive change. I thrive on bridging the gap between eco-conscious consumers and innovative, planet-friendly solutions.

Warda Jakoet

CX Manager

Experienced CX Manager and Event Support, with a demonstrated history of working at a fast pace in the events industry. I focus on bridging the gap between clients and sales ensuring that the touchpoints across the client’s journey are engaging, efficient and effective. My role in the business has allowed me to travel extensively and connecting with our clients, building relationships and continually have a positive customer centric attitude.

Wendy De La Harpe

Conference Producer

With two decades in the conference, exhibition, and publishing sectors in South Africa, London and Dubai, Wendy brings expertise in research, program development, speaker acquisition, and program production. Her focus spans diverse fields including finance and investment, green economy, agriculture, and marketing..

Vuka Group

With over two decades of experience operating throughout Africa, VUKA offers a uniquely African approach to thriving in the continent's rapidly developing industries. Our entrepreneurial spirit aligns with the local culture, driving rapid growth and positive change. We've evolved into an independent B-BBEE compliant company, thriving in the fast-paced, high-energy African environment. Our fluid approach adapts to local conditions, fostering connections among decision-makers through innovative events and trusted media titles. Let VUKA connect your business to those who can fuel your growth in emerging industries.


e-Movement (PTY) Ltd is a rights-holding business incorporated in South Africa that uses events to advocate for renewable energy and e-mobility solutions. We secure rights for an emerging class of events that utilised electric vehicles as its core to create live experiences & packaged content We partner with brands that are embracing the future of electric mobility and renewable energies to create tailored corporate brand activations across our properties.

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