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Advisory Board

Cathy Oxby

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Africa GreenCo

Cathy has more than 20 years of professional experience in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors.  She is closely involved in all aspects of GreenCo’s operations and leads the commercial negotiation of the many market-leading arrangements necessary to implement GreenCo’s innovative business model, including financing, transaction structuring and regulatory.   


She trained as a project finance lawyer at Allen & Overy LLP before transitioning to a commercial role as an investment director at a leading infrastructure fund.  Prior to co-founding Africa GreenCo, she established her own consultancy company to help diverse clients successfully navigate the infrastructure project lifecycle, from project inception to asset management.   


GreenCo’s primary goal is to address offtaker creditworthiness concerns and increase generation and growth of Africa’s renewable energy markets.  As a creditworthy intermediary offtaker and energy trader, GreenCo is able to diversify and mitigate risk by taking a regional portfolio approach, thereby attracting investment in renewable energy generation at lower cost and with less reliance on government support.  GreenCo is headquartered in Zambia and is the first non-asset-owning member of the Southern African Power Pool.  It also has operating companies in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.  Its activities align with the ongoing regulatory changes in the African energy sector to promote green growth and target greater regional integration. For further details see www.africagreenco.com

Jun 14, 2024

“Africa’s Green Economy Summit is the right marketplace for projects, sponsors and investors to meet, because the matching of the criteria is critical”

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Jun 4, 2024

Cape Town shares its successes and challenges of own build renewable energy plants

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