Careers with VUKA Group

Advance your career with a job at VUKA Group. We’re always on the lookout for talent in the media, PR, digital marketing & events space.

Careers at VUKA Group

Supercharge Your Career

If you’re in media, events or digital marketing, here’s an opportunity to put your career on the fast track.

VUKA Group is a company of diverse people from around the African continent. Media & events is a fast moving industry, & employees need to be prepared for periods of intense focus.

In VUKA, you’ll get to experience the rewards of getting things done in parts of Africa most other companies in this space don’t reach. This means you’ll get to see firsthand how your work can positively impact communities.

The VUKA Group team is the heart of the business and where our unique energy and spirit is forged. We invest in our people, providing career development plans and coaching. Attractive reward based remuneration packages. A culture where every role and every idea is heard. We work hard to foster a high performance culture of likeable and driven individuals.

Our office culture has evolved along with society and we offer flexible working conditions, providing staff with an opportunity for in-office and remote working schedules. Our tech systems are cloud based and state of the art, providing always-on connectivity, project software, sales and marketing automation and finance management.

We are an evolving exponential organisation and model our structure against principles shared by the OpenExo community group.

VUKA Group is my employer of choice 20 years now, I am respected as an expert in my field, and my opinion is valued. VUKA Group boosts a professional work ethic with our human resource practices and employment conditions firmly in place

Rue Limekhaya

A company that cares about their employees and offers support and flexibility. It’s truly just a pleasure being part of the VUKA Group

Rochelle Botha

I started my career at VUKA 5 years ago and have been here ever since. The culture, people, and management have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth

Stephen Campbell

What a career growing opportunity working for VUKA. I love the fact that I am heard

Shane Czapski