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HYDRA enhances the situational awareness for organisations who have to address sustainability issues. It simplifies data integration and real-time reporting, reduces reliance on expensive and time-consuming external analytics, and enhances collaboration. The intuitive platform offers instant data input and AI-driven insights, streamlining decision-making in energy, water, agriculture, conservation, buildings and infrastructure, cutting technical costs by up to 95%.

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Offering unparalleled solutions that democratises data access
As data becomes increasingly crucial in fostering sustainable practices, our AI platform, designed for simplicity and efficiency, stands out. We offer an unparalleled solution that democratises data access, enabling both large and smaller enterprises to achieve high-quality insights rapidly — a niche that remains underserved.
Technology development
Our expertise is proven: our team's deep roots in technology development have already seen success in vital conservation efforts, as the inventors of Cmore, a platform still being used in national parks in SA for anti-poaching.
Post-launch, our trajectory has been remarkable, with significant industry recognition and consistent performance on key metrics - all while bootstrapped.
Priaash Ramadeen
CEO and Co-founder
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