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Shandoka Electric Motorcycles, based in Mars Hill, North Carolina, specializes in innovative electric motorcycle conversions. They offer patented EV Multi-Fit systems that transform traditional motorcycles into powerful, low-maintenance electric vehicles. Their solutions are designed for easy upgrades, ensuring a future-proof ride. Proven on the dyno and the street, Shandoka’s electric motorcycles combine performance with sustainability, providing a custom, eco-friendly alternative for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Shandoka is also making strides internationally with their e-bike project in Nigeria. This initiative aims to address local transportation challenges by providing sustainable, electric-powered mobility solutions. By introducing electric bikes, Shandoka not only promotes environmental benefits but also supports economic development through improved transportation infrastructure. This project is a significant step in reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with global sustainability goals.

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Retrofit Kits to Convert ICE Motorcycles to E-Bikes
Investing in retrofit kits to convert internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles to electric bikes (e-bikes) offers a transformative and eco-friendly solution for motorcycle enthusiasts and urban commuters. These kits provide a cost-effective way to modernise existing motorcycles, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. As electric mobility gains popularity, the demand for retrofitting kits is expected to grow, providing a lucrative market opportunity. Moreover, these kits promote sustainability by extending the life of existing motorcycles, reducing waste, and supporting a circular economy.
Building Charging Stations
Investing in the development of charging stations is crucial for supporting the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), including e-bikes. By expanding the charging infrastructure, we can alleviate range anxiety, encourage more consumers to transition to electric transportation, and enhance urban mobility. Charging stations represent a significant business opportunity, offering revenue streams from charging fees and potential partnerships with local businesses and municipalities. Furthermore, a robust charging network contributes to environmental goals by facilitating the shift away from fossil fuels and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.
Battery Swapping Centers and Storage
Investing in battery swapping centers and storage facilities addresses one of the key challenges of electric vehicles: charging time. Battery swapping centers provide a quick and efficient way to recharge e-bikes, enabling riders to swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in minutes. This convenience can significantly boost the adoption of electric vehicles, particularly for commercial uses such as delivery services. Additionally, battery storage facilities help manage energy supply and demand, ensuring that surplus renewable energy can be stored and used when needed, enhancing grid stability and supporting sustainable energy practices.
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