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AaraGO is at the forefront of Nigeria’s sustainable transportation revolution, pioneering electric mobility through innovative solutions.
Our team is committed to reshaping the future of urban transportation with our unique battery-as-a-service model. Our electric two-wheelers offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative, addressing the challenges of high fuel prices, noise and air pollution and environmental impact.
AaraGO is not just about vehicles; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem. We are building the infrastructure for battery swapping powered by renewable energy, ensuring convenient access and minimizing downtime for our users.

Investment Needs

$1 800 000

Investment Project Type:


Invested Value to Date:


Why Investing

E-Mobility Growth Potential
Investing now in e-mobility solutions in Nigerian cities taps into the future of transportation. With the increasing need for sustainable urban mobility, investing in this sector positions you at the forefront of a rapidly expanding market with significant growth potential.
First Mover Advantage
Seizing the opportunity early grants a distinct first mover advantage. By investing now, you gain a head start in establishing market presence, building brand recognition, and capturing market share before competitors, thus securing a strong foothold in the emerging e-mobility landscape.
Competent and Connected Team
Our team's competence and extensive networks ensure successful project delivery. With a track record of effective execution and strong industry connections, investing in our venture offers assurance that your funds are in capable hands, maximizing the likelihood of achieving favorable returns.
Philip Handschin
Co-Founder & CEO
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