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LITHIUM KING INTERVIEW: “We created a new digital currency called Liti Coin to provide opportunities to the international investment community”

Exclusive interview with Lithium King CEO David Cohen. Lithium King is a bronze sponsor of the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week.

Let’s start with some background on Lithium King Ltd. and yourself.

I am a native of Southern California with an extensive background in environmental sciences. My U.S. companies have completed successful projects with Fortune 500 companies and several technology projects with the U.S. Army. My interest in lithium and strategic minerals began as Tesla and the EV revolution took off. I travelled to several countries and determined Nigeria to be the best strategic landscape to develop a viable strategic minerals mining company. We have secured several areas of interest in the mining sector. Lithium King Ltd is the corporate governing body for all our mining interests.

Any particular projects in Nigeria that you are involved in and that you are excited about currently?

We are very excited to have acquired several licenses on extremely promising sites. Our extensive site investigations, including 43-101 reports, indicate lithium rich sites in our Kaduna, Oyo, and Bauchi tenements—we are excited to enter the development phase.

Tell us how you acquire investments, particularly through the cryptocurrency Liti Coin.

We have been financing all our projects internally and as interest in lithium has grown internationally, we are inundated with investment offers. In order to provide opportunities to the international investment community, we created a new digital currency called Liti Coin. This digital currency is a real-world asset (RWA) which is backed by our significant mineral resources. As the EV revolution comes to dominate the transportation sector, the value of our Liti Coin can only increase.

Where in Africa are you active and where are you looking to for growth?

We have offices in Abuja, Dubai and Beverly Hills. We have visited several West African countries to explore possibilities of expanding after the launching of our digital currency, Liti Coin.

How excited are you about the burgeoning mining sector in Nigeria and what does this mean for your business there?

Doing business in any foreign country has its own particular challenges. But, overall, we could not have made a better choice to be here in Nigeria. The future of mining in Africa is in Nigeria and we are happy to be a part of it.

Lithium King Ltd is a bronze sponsor of Nigeria Mining Week. How important is this annual gathering of the mining industry?

By far, the Nigeria Mining Week has been the best catalyst for acquiring information, contacts and engaging in meaningful conversations with leaders of our industry.

What will be your message at the event this year?

We feel this is a pivotal moment for the mining industry in Nigeria. The Ministry of Solid Minerals under the leadership of Honourable Dele Alake has shown a strong willingness to facilitate a conducive environment to attract foreign investment into our mining sector. Mining companies in Nigeria including Lithium King Ltd will all thrive in this new environment. And central to these advances is the pivotal role Nigeria Mining Week plays to bring us all together. We are already considering how to expand our presence for next year’s conference.

Anything you would like to add?

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Nigerian government and the organizers of the Nigeria Mining Week. This platform serves as a nexus for professionals to exchange insights, connect with peers, and delve deeper into the intricacies of mining in Nigeria.

Participate alongside Lithium King and participate at Nigeria Mining Week 2023:

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