Customer Success Studies

GE Energy


Market Positioning

GE Energy were keen to engage with the Africa power generation market positioning GE as a leader in the gas-to-power sector.


Digital Media Channels

Through ESi Africa a media package including a webinar presented by key representatives from GE, a social media campaign through Linkedin focusing on relevant attendees and stakeholders who would benefit from the gas-to-power and provide GE with marketing qualified leads.


Lead Generation and Awareness

- 329,631 brand impressions
- 6,466 social media engagements
- 7,242 page views
- 1,969 link clicks
- 31,285 targeted email opens

Total of 660 marketing qualified leads

“Today’s webinar was fantastic! The presentations, the polls, the Q&A. Loved it. Claire, you were a great moderator who really kept it connected and engaging. Hugh, Sylvain, Fred, amazing job! Thank you all!”

Lori Smithey
Events Marketing Manager