Customer Success Studies



Conlog's objective

During the pandemic years, travel into African territories due to various country policies including lockdowns hampered the ability of the Conlog team to meet with customers face to face particularly decision makers and technical managers.


Solution provided

Conlog took a sponsorship of the CEO forum as well as African Power & Energy Elites publication distributed at the CEO Forum, and took stand space on the Enlit Africa exhibition floor, as brand positioning was key and demonstrating this position around Enlit was important for Conlog to engage with executive managers as well as technical managers from utilities attending the event.


Positive results

As a result of their participation at Enlit and brand positioning within the African Power & Energy Elites a Snr executive who attended Enlit Africa signed a significant order post the event of more than 1 million meters with Conlog.

As a result of the VUKA Group team’s ability to deliver a world class product in 2022, we are more than happy to support the management and products that support Conlog’s goals and objectives into the future

Viven Perumal
Marketing Executive