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Cape Town, South Africa




Expansion /​ Established Business
Carlien van Niekerk
STROOM revolutionizes last-mile and short-distance delivery with our locally manufactured cargo e-bikes, offering a green and cost-effective solution to meet the rising demand for sustainable transportation. These cargo e-bikes are available for rent to delivery drivers, utilizing a fixed station per area approach with rental options for two shifts throughout the week and two shifts on weekends. Remarkably, each cargo e-bike contributes to the creation of 2.5 long-term jobs, fostering local employment opportunities.
In our ambitious plan to launch 1000 cargo e-bikes and establish 40 stations between 2024 and 2025, STROOM aims to generate a total of 2500 long-term jobs, making a substantial impact on the community and economy.
Our cargo e-bikes are not just vehicles; they are IoT-enabled, equipped with cutting-edge software for easy booking, renting, and remote locking by delivery drivers. The real-time monitoring system detects incidents, and roadside assistance is readily available to ensure a seamless delivery experience.
Moreover, our stations feature solar charging, contributing to more effective carbon offset initiatives. STROOM is committed to sustainability, evident in our completed CO2 life cycle study on our cargo e-bikes. Join us in shaping a greener, more efficient future for last-mile and short-distance deliveries

Investment Needs

$500 000

Funding Type:


Investment Raised to Date:

$200 000

Reasons To Invest

High Return on Investment through Rental Business Model
Investing in this venture offers a high return on investment, primarily due to the adoption of a rental-type business model. This model is designed to optimise revenue streams by maximising vehicle utilisation. The efficient utilisation of assets through rentals can lead to a quicker return on investment compared to traditional models, making it an attractive proposition for investors seeking lucrative returns.
High Social Impact through Job Creation
Beyond financial gains, investing in this venture contributes to a significant social impact by creating jobs, particularly for youth and women. The emphasis on job creation addresses social challenges related to unemployment and empowers marginalized groups, fostering a positive societal change. Investors aligning with projects that prioritise social impact can derive satisfaction from knowing their investment serves a dual purpose of financial success and social betterment.
Local Manufacturing for Increased Operational Efficiency
The focus on local manufacturing and support not only promotes regional economic development but also enhances the efficiency of the fleet. By keeping the manufacturing and support processes local, the venture can ensure a more responsive and cost-effective operation, leading to increased longevity and efficiency of the vehicle fleet. This, in turn, contributes to a higher return on investment by minimising downtime and maintenance costs, making it a strategically sound investment choice.
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